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Dear dad

#0001 – Ultrasound

Dear dad,

Hey, i knew you are both excited! So am I. I’m six months now in my little dark world you call womb. How do you look like dad? By the way, please do yourself a favor, stop singing, it sounds terrible. I’m getting startled everytime you whisper in mom’s belly. Don’t whisper so loud, you know i’m in confined space, right? But I love it everytime you kiss my mom’s belly. I press my cheek hard, hoping you’ll kiss on that spot. Sometimes I miss, sometimes I feel your lips. Oh, I can’t wait to go outside! But I have underdeveloped arms and limbs so it’s a no go. I have a confession to make. Remember last time (I can’t differentiate night and day, hence I can’t say last night) I was leaping with joy? I am excited with my growing limbs. By the way, stop saying I’m kicking! That’s no kick. I’ll show you what a kick is when I’m ready – kidding! Ok, back to my confession, dad. Remember when mom called you because I’m kicking, and when you pressed your ear the kicking stopped? I’m actually lying motionless, holding my mouth giggling because I did not kicked on purpose haha! You’d just trolled!

Oh yeah, today is memorable for you and mom. Time to find out what my gender is. Dad, God wants you to be extra happy. I’m a boy, well if I’m a girl no doubt you both will love me equally. When ultrasound test commenced, I showed my genitals – see, I’m smart. I don’t want you to guess anymore. And also I want you guys to start preparing for my big day. You can start painting our room blue… please…

One quick question: Why you said ‘thanks’ to medical technologist when she confirmed ‘baby boy’? I’m just curious. But I can feel I’ll gonna have a cool family. Well, you both better be.

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