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Celebrating my 34th Birthday

With my colleagues

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

So I’ve got an ice cream cake courtesy of my boss, a sweet gesture that assures me I’m not screwing up yet 🙂 

Had lunch out in FRIDAY’s with (one of) my boss and colleagues – two years in a row! 🙂 am really grateful.

For me, sweet thoughts are the best!

Lovely, isn’t it? Contents are way lovelier!

Thank you guys! God bless and may your tribes increase!

With my family

Thank you, anak! And special credits to my loving wife

Palabok with palitaw..yum!
Evidently, nag-eenjoy ang bata 🙂
Sweet smile! He sang “happy birthday to you” with his mom on videochat, touching his father’s heart.
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My boss felt sorry for me. He is saddened by the idea of me staying away wth my wife and son to work. He asked me how long I intend to continue this setup. I replied “two years,” doubtfully.

It’s never easy to be away from your family. One of my life’s regret is not finishing my studies. I should have been in a better position. Another is failing to set aside savings/investments while I was still single. I mean I can continue my studies, but there’s more important on my priority list rather than going back to school, or saving. It’s easy to say that everything is possible, but when you are confronted with real factors, then that’s another story. 

As of now, I am not happy pushing papers without an opportunity to climb to a corporate ladder. Sad to say, I’m working for each paycheck. There are times I hate to be in a position where I am. I even complain to God, which I should not. But impatience get into my nerve. I am a dedicated employee with no other thought but to serve the company I am employed as my way of showing gratitude for providing foods on my family’s table. I sometimes grew tired of the loop I’m in. I need a break.

This too, shall pass.

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Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish

to be in your arms

not to part ways again

i can only wish..


what i can do for now

is close my eyes

and be lost in a pointless dream

to be awaken – one less day to wait

i’ll be home soon.


or i can stay awake,

flooded with thoughts

that consume my inner self with unspoken emotions,

fueled by longingness yet to be satisfied,

i can only think… surely, there’ll be better days.


i decided to closed my eyes,

darkness invites me in solitude,

a silent sanctuary

my safe haven,

far away from the world.


one day, God will allow me to be with you

and once more, create a memory worth looking back

when our hairs turn gray

when our wrinkled, brittled fingers hold together,

and be able to say that our love stood the test of time.

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#0011 Evening Routine

Dear dad,

I feel sorry for mom. She’s awake all night. 

My limbs are getting stroger, my bones tougher. 

I’m a certified cryer – an awful one.

People call me junior, mom protests  – every time 🙂

Wish you were here.

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#0010 – Life was Like a Box of Chocolate

“you never know what you gonna get.”


Dear dad,

I’m keeping mom awake at night. I’m adapting with my new world – without you yet. But I knew I have your love, I can live with that for now. 

My first month is full of excitement. People gather all around me adoring me with gladness. Well, I can get used to it 🙂

I am too fragile. But I always move my arms and legs, can’t help it – force of habit. They called me kangkarot, must’ve referring to me moving jerkily. Mom said I inherited from you 🙂

By the way, I’ve got your eyes.  

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#0009 – Hello World!

Dear dad,


That sound thrilled me. It’s my mom’s waterbag exploding! Today is my day – yey!

But I can’t move, am entangled with my umbi cord. #goCSgo! [Cesarean] 🙂

I waited patiently… 

Then I felt a hand scooping me out!

The first glimpse of light frightened me to the bone. I want to go back to my comfort zone. I cried, in complete panic. I kept my eyes closed, i can’t stand the light beaming above me. I felt a snap on my cord. Then a warm damp cloth rubbed all over my body. I was wrapped in a soft clothes afterwards. I’m literally struggling, dad. Where’s mom? 

I was then nursed, together with other babies. I can’t count but I assume they’re more than fingers on my hands and feet combined. There, I cry when I’m hungry, sometimes cry for no reason at all. I can tell I’m good at it! 🙂

After few hours that seem like eternity for me, I was transferred to a room where mom is resting. She’s sleeping, looks like she’s still high on drugs injected in her system. You know dad, I cried to catch her attention and guess what? She’s sleeping but her hand finds its way on me. She holds me close to her, unconsciouly. That’s a first connection, a sweet embrace. What a relief!

You know me dad, I just can’t get enough. I cried louder, and as I cry I realize I’m hungry. She woke up, whispering words of assurance. I felt safe.

I looked at her. I can’t see clearly yet though. Had you ever opened your eyes underwater? That’s what my vision is now. Go ahead you can try, dad.

Then I heard my grandma, she’s talking to me sweetly. She feels sorry I’ve got her nose. I’m puzzled. Nevertheless, I’m too young for stereotypes 🙂

I heard you called mom. She’s speaking to you thru phone. Interesting gadget eh? I cried to show off, had you heard? I bet you did!

I haven’t see you yet dad. When will you come home?

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#0008 – Prepping for the Big Day!

Dear dad,

I’m now fully grown, ready to face the real world. I’m a bit anxious of leaving this small space I’d spent my first nine months (almost). But I’m nowhere to go, need to find my way out. 

By the way, if mom’s OB gyne is waiting for expanding of opening they refer to as cervix, that will never happen. I’m entangled with my cord – self-inflicted. Need some help over here!

Dad, thanks for your patience.