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🙂  I’m thinking of changing my career 

#0012 – 3months..and counting

Dear dad, What started as faint cry is now wild tantrums. I can hold my feeding bottle now. I can mumble few sylables. Why mom always want me to say ‘da-ddy’? All i can utter is ‘hum..hum’ 🙂 believe me, i tried.


Love is, i can say, Longing to go home, but stay, patiently wating. #haiku

“..sa Jolibee,”

“..bida ang saya.”

Celebrating my 34th Birthday

With my colleagues Thanks for all the well-wishes. So I’ve got an ice cream cake courtesy of my boss, a sweet gesture that assures me I’m not screwing up yet 🙂  Had lunch out in FRIDAY’s with (one of) my boss and colleagues – two years in a row! 🙂 am really grateful. For me, … Continue reading


My boss felt sorry for me. He is saddened by the idea of me staying away wth my wife and son to work. He asked me how long I intend to continue this setup. I replied “two years,” doubtfully. It’s never easy to be away from your family. One of my life’s regret is not … Continue reading

Quality Time

I share with your joy, Seizing each fleeting moment, Right before my eyes. #haiku approach inspired by Sheryl

Midnight Thoughts

i can only wish to be in your arms not to part ways again i can only wish..   what i can do for now is close my eyes and be lost in a pointless dream to be awaken – one less day to wait i’ll be home soon.   or i can stay awake, … Continue reading

#0011 Evening Routine

Dear dad, I feel sorry for mom. She’s awake all night.  My limbs are getting stroger, my bones tougher.  I’m a certified cryer – an awful one. People call me junior, mom protests  – every time 🙂 Wish you were here.

#0010 – Life was Like a Box of Chocolate

“you never know what you gonna get.” #ForrestGump Dear dad, I’m keeping mom awake at night. I’m adapting with my new world – without you yet. But I knew I have your love, I can live with that for now.  My first month is full of excitement. People gather all around me adoring me with … Continue reading

#0009 – Hello World!

Dear dad, Plok! That sound thrilled me. It’s my mom’s waterbag exploding! Today is my day – yey! But I can’t move, am entangled with my umbi cord. #goCSgo! [Cesarean] 🙂 I waited patiently…  … … Then I felt a hand scooping me out! The first glimpse of light frightened me to the bone. I … Continue reading

#0008 – Prepping for the Big Day!

Dear dad, I’m now fully grown, ready to face the real world. I’m a bit anxious of leaving this small space I’d spent my first nine months (almost). But I’m nowhere to go, need to find my way out.  By the way, if mom’s OB gyne is waiting for expanding of opening they refer to … Continue reading