Only Introvert Can Understand

I prefer isolation. I wake up each day wanting more minute, not because I beg for more sleep, but because I don’t want to face the world. I’m not ready yet. 

All I want after a dayjob is to sit in silence, in the dark… alone.

But I wasn’t built for that.

I can lead a team, I can collaborate, I’m a master negotiator. You will never spot a hint of introvertness in me, ever. Ironic as it is, I’m possessing a particular skillset only introvert like me can relate. I can hide. I can blend. That’s what we do. We’re practicing that, every single day. It’s like learning a musical instrument: first you play by the rule, then you play with your heart. 

As an old saying goes: “no man is an island.” We need each other, one way or another. I can understand that, no dispute. But I’m more comfortable living in seclusion. Invite me for a drink, I will respectfully decline. Ask me for a meal, I’m all in 🙂 

Had you spotted my mask? See, I just threw you a part of me I can move around. I’m not comfortable socializing, but I recognize it’s essence. So I sit and dine with you not because I like to, but because I love to be closed to you. I want to build a relationship. I am not comfortable yes, but I am flexible. Not to mention, I don’t want to be labelled as anti-social. But please, don’t pry. Respect my privacy. I’m paranoid, can’t help it.

I’m an introvert, but I can be your most trusted person. I can keep secret, that’s what we do. After all I stood the test of time. 

By Albert Soriano

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18 replies on “Only Introvert Can Understand”

You’re right. My apologies if I conveyed incorrect/inaccurate message. I want to brush out seriousnes associated with being an introvert, a tendency to isolate away.

Honestly, introvert is more than a state. It’s hardwired within us. More on a character if I may claim. Of course, i stand to be corrected.

Thanks, eman.

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Precisely! Very well said Eman. I occasionally feel that urge to be isolated for a while.. i assume you’re a filipino? Reason i ask, the phrase “mawala na lang muna na parang bula” is a perfect saying for that situation.. translated, “to disappear like bubbles for the meantime.”

Best regards..


I agree on every word about being an introvert. If given a choice, I prefer to be alone and when socializing, usually one to one lang. Kapag group na, minsan napapagod ako. But as you’ve mention, we do join because we appreciate its essence. Nakakatawa yung reaction nila kapag sinasabi kong introvert ako, hindi sila naniniwala. Haha

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Haha, we’re on the same boat dear.

Yoko rin ng crowded,kaka stress. Tsaka may tendency na mag yield sa expectstions kahit hindi tayo komportable.
Thanks sa pagbabasa, hopefully nde ka magsawa hehe

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Hehe, introverts 🙂 buti nga may label na ‘introvert’ ung ganyang personality natin hehe. Nakaka confuse cguro pag wala 🙂
Thanks for dropping by!

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Thank you for enlightening an Introvert like me! I often confuse myself, as I grew up to be an Introvert but ended being a very sociable person. I couldn’t agree more, an introvert person can be friendly and can be sociable, but still at the end of the day, would still be happier sitting at home reading a good book while it’s raining cats and dogs, than having a sunny day outside, away from home. Please do more blogs of this kind. More power.

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Hey Kaye! Much much welcome, thank you also for taking time in reading. Appreciate your comments 🙂 thanks for dropping by!


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