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Present State

Well, this is something worth-looking back many years from now. I’ll briefly share the present me. 

Spoiler Alert: this is a ridiculously LONG post πŸ™‚

Turning 34 this April, am not getting any younger. Having a beautiful wife and a handsome 2-year old son, with stable job and strong relationship with my families (both on my side, and in-laws), healthy body and a sound mind, unbreakable belief to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior – what more can I ask for?

Oh life! Fleeting as a vapor in the air. I knew i read it somewhere in the bible – in proverbs if not in the preacher. Pondering about the meaning of life will drive me nuts if not crazy. For me life is simple. You live today to die tomorrow. What you did in between that matters. Nowadays we are bombarded with superficial expectations of the world. There’s a strong tendency to yield with what the world demands/entices us. But God said in Romans 12:2 that we should not be conformed with this world, rather, we have to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. I’m not referring to catchy article or articulated analogy here. I am talkin’ about my life – this life. 

Continuing with my currrent life state, I will be hypocrite if I say that I am always strong and lighthearted. I have to admit, there are times when I don’t feel like moving. I’ve had a share of doubt. During those days, I’m thinking about the better days. It’s like David when his enemies are hunting him down. He’s encouraging his soul, saying “it is well, with my soul.” Friends, when you’re in rock bottom, always remember that you are in a perfect position to climb! When you’re beaten down to the ground, crawl forward if you have to. It doesn’t matter how long will it take you to be there, as long as you’re not moving backward, you’ll be fine. When I’m suffering, i keep telling myself that it’s essential for me to pass the fire in order to bring out the gold in me – a concept if refiner’s fire. Of course, in this life we experience these circumstances. “We are under fire” – a phrase perfectly referred to. It hurts to be under fire, but all our impurities need to be burned! Then we will be purified. To the pure, all things are pure. It’s in Titus 1:15 if I’m not mistaken. 

I want to share how I convert my thoughts into my everyday life. I am a thinker. I think of everything I can think of. I’m good on that. I am also a dreamer. For all the thoughts i cannot convert into reality, I dream about it. In my dreamland, I am a basketball player – a shooting guard. I am also an actor, flashing a smile on a billboard for everyone to see along EDSA avenue hehe. I am also rich, as in super rich, flying around the world meeting executives and discussing business development. Being a basketball player and an actor will be considered as a fantasy since I don’t have the looks and skillsets to be one. Besides these are way beyond my time. I outgrew these. Hehe. I am not still giving up on my dream of being rich though. 

I can say that I am a good man. I mean I am lighthearted, considerate, and slow to anger. And walking in the path of righteousness shifted my paradigm. A higher level of discipline is required. I have to be conscious not to fall in a “holier than thou” trap. When you are walking in righteousness, there’s a tendency to judge other people because you’re not one of them. There are times when you’ll be subject to mockery and teasing. Believe me – “been there, done that.” Just stand your ground. But never look down on others. If you have to boast, boast your faith – not your works. I always remember that once i my life, I’m walking their ways. Inasmuch as I am thankful of my new life, I’m not considering myself above others. Because we’re all the same. Different beliefs, ideologies, way of life. No one is forcing nobody to heed on his/her belief. That’s respect. I learned it in a hard way, and I have to admit I’m still in the process. Respect is something everyone is entitled to, and I have to find something on someone worth of my respect. 

I will be moving with my life. I’ll grow old, my son will grow up. Time will fly so fast that I will depart on this life before I knew it. One thing I’m sure of: i found Christ, and I dedicate my life for His glory. Call me fanatic. I remember the phrase [paraphrased] “i’d rather believe that God exists and found he isn’t than don’t believe then found there’s God.” I vaguely remember it, I think that’s a dying phrase from a scientist. Well, practically speaking, it’s worth spending your life in good deeds with strong faith than waste it in abuse and meaningless pleasure. Regret is an emotion i don’t want to feel when I grow old. 

Referring to current state, I’m just a simple man trying to live a simple life. I don’t like any drama or showing off anything. This is me. For me it’s like love me, hurt me, ignore me, forget me, remember me. At the end of the day, as the preacher said: it is best for us to eat, and be merry. But let’s not forget his conclusion. He said: Fear God, and keep his commandments for it is the duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13. 

So i am (still) in the right track.

If you can read this, then i want to thank you for your patience. 

God loves you.

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2 thoughts on “Present State

  1. Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14 πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Jai | April 27, 2017, 12:28 am
  2. Indeed, a humble reminder that we are not in charge. You know the cliche’ saying: ‘living as if it’s your last day.’ That’s why we say ‘if God allows..’


    Posted by Albert Soriano | April 27, 2017, 10:51 am

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