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Instapaper Premium is free – finally!

Ever want to grab an article in a website without a hassle of copy-paste ordeal? Want to save (not bookmark)  a recipe perhaps, latest news, or touching poems for offline reading later? Then Instapaper is for you.

I’m using the traditional evernote add-on and onenote clipper to capture an article from my browser. I’m using Microsoft OneNote most of the time since it enables offline reading. However, I have to dig with each and every section of my notebooks to access it.

Now that Instapaper premium is free, as i often say “I’m in for a treat!” šŸ™‚

The perks of premium app unlocks capabilities beyond the basic functions, which means extra piece of cake for me. As a heavy user, it benefits me a lot. Not to mention that I read a lot of stuff all over the internet.

You may also organize copied articles by creating folders and moving each article accordingly. Following a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle, i name each folder on the website each article came from (i.e. “Entrepreneur” “SmartParenting”).

So if you’re fond of reading, yet always on-the-go, feel free to download Instapaper. This will help you as a reader, and blogger as well.

For open-source! šŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “Instapaper Premium is free – finally!

  1. It seems like you enjoy using Instapaper a lot! I want to recommend you a similar app, AwesomeClip, which is FREE for all the features! You can save any article or web page you want and find easy! I’ll leave a link here, so you can check it out! I hope you like it!!:)

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