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Instapaper Premium is free – finally!

Ever want to grab an article in a website without a hassle of copy-paste ordeal? Want to save (not bookmark)  a recipe perhaps, latest news, or touching poems for offline reading later? Then Instapaper is for you.

I’m using the traditional evernote add-on and onenote clipper to capture an article from my browser. I’m using Microsoft OneNote most of the time since it enables offline reading. However, I have to dig with each and every section of my notebooks to access it.

Now that Instapaper premium is free, as i often say “I’m in for a treat!” 🙂

The perks of premium app unlocks capabilities beyond the basic functions, which means extra piece of cake for me. As a heavy user, it benefits me a lot. Not to mention that I read a lot of stuff all over the internet.

You may also organize copied articles by creating folders and moving each article accordingly. Following a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle, i name each folder on the website each article came from (i.e. “Entrepreneur” “SmartParenting”).

So if you’re fond of reading, yet always on-the-go, feel free to download Instapaper. This will help you as a reader, and blogger as well.

For open-source! 🙂

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Life is happier

..when shared

With a friend, a spouse perhaps

It’s no fun in solitude

Which harbors pain, insecurities and frustrations

It’s being with someone 

You’ll realize that it’s not how (im)perfect you are that matters,

But on how you make others happy 

Even with just a smile.

Besides, it’s cold and dark in the batcave of your cobwebbed inner self.

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I’m trying to find a small still voice of the Lord

Through my endless petitions and pleas

In the midst of the congregation 

In each challenge and burdens

In every rise and fall of my emotions

Still, a hollow, deafening silence.
Little did i knew that it’s not in the situation i am into, which his voice is audible

For all these times He is speaking so loud!

It’s the issues of my heart

How to discern His voice like a child hearing his parents as they call his name
How fool am I

Been busy murmuring in  prayer

How could I

Fill my empty heart with renewed joy
I rather walk in the beach feeling soft sands underneath my feet in each step, with soft waves rushing to and fro

And reflecting about the meaning of life, of where i came from and where to go

I can conclude like the preacher once said that ‘everything is meaningless!’

I can’t imagine myself thinking deeper than that!
One lesson I learned in the book of ecclesiastes

That we have to love God with all our hearts for it’s a duty of a man (paraphrased)

Such love, not fear or intimidation, but pure love

Keeps me going in this journey called life
I’m not a ‘holier than thou’ person

I’m cool and flexible, don’t get me wrong

Deep inside is a longingness to live

In the beauty of His holiness

…am still searching for His whisper