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Instapaper Premium is free – finally!

Ever want to grab an article in a website without a hassle of copy-paste ordeal? Want to save (not bookmark)  a recipe perhaps, latest news, or touching poems for offline reading later? Then Instapaper is for you. I’m using the traditional evernote add-on and onenote clipper to capture an article from my browser. I’m using … Continue reading

Life is happier

..when shared With a friend, a spouse perhaps It’s no fun in solitude Which harbors pain, insecurities and frustrations It’s being with someone  You’ll realize that it’s not how (im)perfect you are that matters, But on how you make others happy  Even with just a smile. Besides, it’s cold and dark in the batcave of … Continue reading


I’m trying to find a small still voice of the Lord Through my endless petitions and pleas In the midst of the congregation  In each challenge and burdens In every rise and fall of my emotions Still, a hollow, deafening silence. Little did i knew that it’s not in the situation i am into, which … Continue reading