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Heart to Heart Talk

Experiencing God’s awesome presence in the midst of worship service is a sweet moment to seize. There are times when it’s so intense that I’m shaking involuntarily – with goosebumps all over my body. Sometimes it’s so quiet that i can’t even feel the holy spirit’s movement. Whichever the case may be, I go to worship God making sure to serve that purpose before i go home. 

Today, the  flow is so tangient that I can almost feel God’s presence immersing into my being. This is the moment when everything fade in the background. Nothing matters but to please the Maker – in the beauty of His holiness. 

I keep on reminding myself that whatever the status of my heart, i have to be ready for God’s encounter. Sometimes stress and burdens tend to drive my emotions weary. But when I approach the Throne, i knew that I should lay down everything. Because the bottom line is that it’s all about Jesus… It’s not about me or any issues I might have. This realization kept my eyes focused. I admit there are times that there are persistent thoughts that distract me in the midst of worship, and I have to be quick enough to dismiss these before these occupy my thinking. 

I choose to come in His presence not to heal my weary heart. My sole purpose is to worship Him. As I enjoy in fellowship with my Maker, my heart is being healed, my soul is being revived, my emotions are being realigned.. No one approached God and went home empty-handed.

It’s really an honor to be in His presence.


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