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Heart to Heart Talk

Experiencing God’s awesome presence in the midst of worship service is a sweet moment to seize. There are times when it’s so intense that I’m shaking involuntarily – with goosebumps all over my body. Sometimes it’s so quiet that i can’t even feel the holy spirit’s movement. Whichever the case may be, I go to … Continue reading

Life is Short

Whatever you do, Make it count.


I remember this poem i’d recited during my high school year. Crossroads Edwin Tavaro Shall I follow the stream?  Or cross the sea,  Strive for a dream  Or let life be?  Shall it be neon lights  That spell success,  Or flickering lamplight  For happiness?  Follow the thunder?  Follow the storm?  Follow the whisper  That breeze … Continue reading

Care to Share?

Everyone is carrying life story of each own. You may not be aware the burden a person is carrying, stealthed in pretentious smile. It’s worth mentioning the warmth i feel in my heart everytime I have an opportunity to listen to someone’s life. Some people share their life emotionally. They cry, hug you, cling literally … Continue reading

Meeting Katt & Jhing

L-R: Katt, Jhing &Me I met these lovely ladies thru my colleague Jason. Though our meeting is quite short, I’m happy to find out that we share the same faith – born again christians. Moreover, we had fun talking about Jason šŸ™‚ I’ll see you again, it’a my pleasure meeting you both.

A Short Visit on Our Main Office in Dubai

An opportunity to visit our main office surfaced when I’ve been invited by one of my boss to attend a trainig relevant to our department. Arriving late in hotel makes me want to doze off to deep sleep. Gloomy ambience and comfy bed invited me to enter in a new portal – a so-called dreamland … Continue reading

Two Boxes Of Cake

This post is similar with Pie For Everybody I posted a long time ago.  As Iā€™m leaving Dubai from a business trip, one of my colleague baked two cakes as a present to my colleagues back in Qatar. I decided to check-in all my personal belongings and carry these sweet boxes with me for obvious reason. Forget … Continue reading