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Heart to Heart Talk

Experiencing God’s awesome presence in the midst of worship service is a sweet moment to seize. There are times when it’s so intense that I’m shaking involuntarily – with goosebumps all over my body. Sometimes it’s so quiet that i can’t even feel the holy spirit’s movement. Whichever the case may be, I go to worship God making sure to serve that purpose before i go home. 

Today, the  flow is so tangient that I can almost feel God’s presence immersing into my being. This is the moment when everything fade in the background. Nothing matters but to please the Maker – in the beauty of His holiness. 

I keep on reminding myself that whatever the status of my heart, i have to be ready for God’s encounter. Sometimes stress and burdens tend to drive my emotions weary. But when I approach the Throne, i knew that I should lay down everything. Because the bottom line is that it’s all about Jesus… It’s not about me or any issues I might have. This realization kept my eyes focused. I admit there are times that there are persistent thoughts that distract me in the midst of worship, and I have to be quick enough to dismiss these before these occupy my thinking. 

I choose to come in His presence not to heal my weary heart. My sole purpose is to worship Him. As I enjoy in fellowship with my Maker, my heart is being healed, my soul is being revived, my emotions are being realigned.. No one approached God and went home empty-handed.

It’s really an honor to be in His presence.

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I remember this poem i’d recited during my high school year.


Edwin Tavaro

Shall I follow the stream? 
Or cross the sea, 
Strive for a dream 
Or let life be? 
Shall it be neon lights 
That spell success, 
Or flickering lamplight 
For happiness? 
Follow the thunder? 
Follow the storm? 
Follow the whisper 
That breeze and leaves form? 
Follow my heartbeat? 
Follow my head? 
What shall each bring me? 
Where shall each leads?

Little did I realized how this poem etched into my memory. It’s never easy to be in this situation.

It’s all messed up if I’m dealing with this all by myself. I’ve got God working on it. 

Prayerful for His plans to unfold right before my very eyes.

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Care to Share?

Everyone is carrying life story of each own. You may not be aware the burden a person is carrying, stealthed in pretentious smile. It’s worth mentioning the warmth i feel in my heart everytime I have an opportunity to listen to someone’s life.

Some people share their life emotionally. They cry, hug you, cling literally to your shoulder. Some tries to fight back their emotions, maintaining their composure. Each person has his/her own way of conveying a message, whichever is way he/she is comfortable. 

One thought strikes me everytime I’m being confided with. It’s the trust. Like the band ‘Roxette’ once sung: “She’s so vulnerable.. like china in my hand.” I’ve got to be very careful not to ruin that. 

I love it when I have an opportunity to share the goodness of the Lord, not in a religious way. Gone are the days when people are inclined by ‘too-good-to-be-true’ preaching. Do that today and people will be annoyed, and you’ll be the only person in the room before you knew it! 

I genuinely treasure a heart-to-heart talk. It’s not about bragging an advice or preaching the “Jesus saves” in the conversation – though both matters, don’t get me wrong. For me, it’s more on listening. People start to talk, and to carry a conversation you have to make them feel that you listen and understand what they want to say. And nothing brings a conversation to a full stop than interrupting someone while they talk. Just listen, feel their pain. 

Throughout my journey in this life, I am indebted with people who entrust their life stories to me. A big “THANK YOU” for the trust. Rest assured my prayers will be with you guys. 

After all, it’s not about the conversation per se, but on how we carry on after. I thank God foe all His guidance and wisdom. I hope that if the time will come that I’ll open my life story with someone, he/she’ll take it with care as I do.

As one of my WordPress friend said: “No man is an island. (A-chu-chu-chu..).” 🙂 ~ EnRoute

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Meeting Katt & Jhing

L-R: Katt, Jhing &Me

I met these lovely ladies thru my colleague Jason. Though our meeting is quite short, I’m happy to find out that we share the same faith – born again christians. Moreover, we had fun talking about Jason 🙂

I’ll see you again, it’a my pleasure meeting you both.

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A Short Visit on Our Main Office in Dubai

An opportunity to visit our main office surfaced when I’ve been invited by one of my boss to attend a trainig relevant to our department.

Arriving late in hotel makes me want to doze off to deep sleep. Gloomy ambience and comfy bed invited me to enter in a new portal – a so-called dreamland 🙂

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed, ready to face the world once again.

Our company driver Mirshad (if i recall correctly) picked us up.

I shared a ride with two big bosses 🙂 en route to our office location. Their topic is way above my desk. I can just nod and laugh with them. Occassionally I comment, just to keep them into thinking that I’m a part of the conversation haha. 

Training is rescheduled at 11am. Many lessons will be covered and I’m keen to absorb all information and apply it to Qatar’s commercial dept. I thank God for this opportunity not just to be trained but also to meet fresh faces, new people..these colleagues that I communicate thru email. 🙂

Joevet is beautiful always. She extended a courtesy of touring me around the building. Manu thanks, my dear.

I finally got a chance of meeting the entire commercial team. It’s fulfilling actually.

Melody is gorgeous and lovely. She’s easy to be with, due to the fact that we’re conversing regularly thru phone i guess. It’s a pleasure meeting her.

Then there’s beautiful Rosalie. I somehow missed her, just seeing her brought back the last time she went to our office – way back 2014 if I’m not mistaken. I also met sir Ferdinand, he’s polite as well,wearing a warm smile. Oh, I forget  the name of the other lovely lady 🙂

Ma’am Bhavna is very approachable. Very professional and courteous. I really love to spend time with her. I knew at first glance that I can learn a lot from her. 

Meeting madam Fleur and madam Annene brought me back to my comfort zone. I somehow had established working relationship with them that we all happy to see each other 🙂 I knew I’m telling the truth haha 

I can go on list of incredible people I personally met, but I have to cut from here. 🙂 Over all, it’s a polite, professional working environment. Thanks for warm welcome.

I’m looking forward having snapshot photo with them. It’s an experience worth traveling. 

*Update: i managed to have few snapshots with some of my colleagues. See photos below.

L-R: Ben, Melody, Me (no gel hehe), Joevet

Melody, Me, Joevet

With Brian

I can personally say that this is the missing piece of the puzzle. I requested God to give me something – a drive, something to put my passion with. Previous frustrations and bumps brought me down on my knees *emo* I’m glad that God in His mercy worked in my heart to realign my perception. I am eager to advance my career, and I gained confidence by meeting these colleagues in our  office. I can’t wait to collaborate with them, to put more efforts to finish tasks together. I’m in 🙂

As for the rollout, surely it’s not a cakewalk. We will struggle at first, but I know that the  end value is worth our precious investments.

I opt out on detailing about the training, for confidentiality.


Dinner is hosted by my boss. Let the photos below do the talkin’ 🙂

With Joevet

With the gang 🙂

It’s worth sharing that in the midst of our dinner, an elderly woman approached Joevet, hold her arms and lovingly whispered to her *paraphrased*:

As a woman of 80’s, I congratulate you for raising up the flag of women. Thank you for standing out!

 Before Joevet can respond, she sweetly smiled and casually walked away. It took us few seconds to react. The reason why she said that is because Joevet is the only woman in the table full of gentlemen. Kudos for you, Joevet! 

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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Two Boxes Of Cake

This post is similar with Pie For Everybody I posted a long time ago. 

As I’m leaving Dubai from a business trip, one of my colleague baked two cakes as a present to my colleagues back in Qatar. I decided to check-in all my personal belongings and carry these sweet boxes with me for obvious reason. Forget about the hassle, everybody loves chocolate cakes, isn’t it? 🙂


A taxi cab driver Mr. Sajad (pronounced ‘sa-jid’) kept me company. We had a great conversation as we travel a stretch of highway heading to Dubai International Airport. I found out that he’s working as a taxi cab driver for 9 long years. He’s a Pakistani national with good command in English, an expertise he learned as he meet different nationalities everyday. I don’t mind if his stories are tailor-made suited to keep his passenger busy. I believe he’s telling the truth. I keep on asking same question in various approach and he did not flip. By the way, he’s the first person who asked about the cake.

“Cake?”, pointing on the boxes.


“For your friends?”


He smiled, ran out of words *wink*

We reached the airport at 6:00pm, way ahead of my 10pm flight. As I fall in line to check my baggages in, an Indian guy from Kerala district smiled at me as he look on the boxes. When we’re on hearing range, he asked that question again:

“Is that a cake?”

“Yes. You know, Filipinos.”


Filipinos are well-known as food-cravers. Here in the Middle East, we virtually share an equal number statistically speaking. Wherever there’s an Indian staff, chances are he/she has a Filipino colleague, and vice-versa. That’s why of all the “Asians” (term coined by Europeans), we are most comfortable with our Indian friends because we share the same level of communication skills in English language.

After passing security screening, I headed to the next available table to put down the boxes. A group of Indian men are sitting on a sofa next to the table. His approach to me is hilarious!

“Happy Birthday!”

I laughed so hard in appreciation, thanking him as if it’s indeed my birthday 🙂

I’m starting to be amazed on how cool these people are. It takes skills and confidence to open a conversation, and to crack a joke like that must’ve came from a happy heart.

Since Dubai Airport is so big, I need a trolley to ease my journey. As I’m heading to the elevator, a male staff greeted me with a smile. This is how he delivered his questions:

“Cakes, right?”


“I love baking. You baked that?”

“Nope. My friend, for my friends.”


“Is that a fudge? fruitcake?”

“Ahm, it’s fudgy.”

“Do you mind me tasting it?” he teased, smiling.

“In fact I do!”


His destination is C17, and my Gate is C15 – I’ve got company. His name is Jihad, and you guessed right he’s a Pakistani national, speaking fluently in English. He grew up in London and ended up working in Dubai. He’s a seasoned expatriate. I assume he’s not happy with his work, as he asked for my email id and forwarded his CV to me.

Arriving in Gate C15, I sat patiently, waiting for the gate to open. After 20 minutes, a staff announced that the gate is open. I’m now carrying these two boxes with my hands as if delivering a present. Trolleys are not allowed inside. A gorgeous stewardess gave me a sweet smile and sparkling eyes as she greets me:

“Oh, Is that for me? How sweet of you!”

I smiled, with an awkward laugh. “Please, help yourself.” I said. I’m glad she did not. haha..

I thought that’s the sweetest greeting, but the best is yet to come.

My seat is in 27A. As I walk on the aisle, being abruptly halted by passengers who found their seats and stop to load their belongings, I saw in the corner of my eye a beautiful woman in her 20’s never taking out her eyes on the boxes. It’s not that I’m a creepy guy who scan a crowd and catcalls women. On the contrary, I have high respect to women. If you feel that somebody is watching you from a distance, chances are you’re being watched indeed. When I’m about a seat away, she pointed on the boxes and sweetly asked:



Then she gestured her hands as if accepting these. I mentioned earlier that I’m carrying these boxes with my two hands, right? That’s awkward. I laughed, appreciating her act. She smiles. No time for further conversation as I’m being pushed forward with a passenger behind me.

I can’t help but to think about the pattern. As an observant person, I’m very keen on studying social interaction and individual behaviors. It’s an interesting discovery for me. I see an essence of giving in a new perspective. People are getting excited when someone is carrying a present. It’s like having an exchange gifts, which we traditionally named as “bonito-bonita,” on our Christmas Party during our childhood days. Truly, it’s the thought that counts. It’s the thrill that you feel. As evident on my social interaction, people are playing in their mind that the cakes are meant for them. You see, it’s not about meeting me. In fact, they don’t really care about me – their focus is in the cake.

As Tom Hanks mentioned in Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you gonna get.”

Well, I’m carrying two boxes of chocolate cakes, and I never knew the lesson I’ve got. I’m kind of emotional, because giving gift is not my thing. I have to change my perspective. It’s an eye-opener to me to show I care through giving.

I shared this insight with my colleague who baked these cakes on the very next phone conversation we had. She’s really glad and thankful. I teased her, saying there must be a free taste next time with her number on it so she’ll increase her sale.

And to give a piece of cake for every happy heart that pays attention to these mystery boxes and will sweetly asks:

“Is that a cake? For me?”