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God Factor

We live our life guided by various principles as we prefer, reflecting our behaviours and molding our personalities. Our belief plays a vital role on how we see our life and determine our perspective on how good or cruel the world is, whichever viewpoint we want.

It’s not easy to introduce God’s influence in someone’s life. God created us as leaders, and that leadership mentality resists the idea of having someone in authority to rule over him. However, God put in man’s heart a desire to worship, to acknowledge the one supreme being which we casually address as God. Majority of the people believe in God, even the devils do (with trembling)! But how many people acknowledge God in each and every area of their lives? I mean, including Him in their decisions regardless of how major or minute it is?  I call it “God factor.”

When you don’t recognize a God factor, you tend to fall in a series of trial and error. You follow your guts, you scream over situations you are in, your action depends on the circumstances around you. Somehow we tend to accept that as fate, come what may.

Here comes the faith. An assurance that you’re not alone, the realization that there’s a God that guides you especially against forces beyond our control (i.e. sickness, your boss’ decision, moment of grief). You may not have instant solution on hand, but God can assure to have you factors enabling you to endure – strength, feeling of being secured, self-esteem, feeling of being loved, to name a few. The mere assurance that you’re not alone on this is a huge relief!

We’re dealing with our own battle(s) each day, and believe me on this: I may endure all hardships without  a “God Factor” but my character is being developed and my faith is being deepened thru day-by-day experience with God involved. I will not belittle God in my life, I’ll exalt Him so that in my weakness, His greatness will be made known.

If God is with us, who can be against us?

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A spark

is all i need

to ignite a flame within my heart

reconnects with long-lost brethren

to once again write a song of life… together.


A feather pen almost dried of ink

Can write no more

A gentle dip is all it need

to express his emotions exploding within



(as the author reunites with brethren in Doha, Qatar)

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“Is It Hard That You’re Single?”

Such trait that every single woman should ponder, and every single man should pursue.

A friend at church asked me this question one Sunday morning that left me thinking: “Is it hard that you’re single?” The proud, pretensious, and perhaps, hypocritical inner part of me says, “It’s not that hard; in fact, I am having a blast in my life and very content about being single. I mean, being independent at age 26, having a great job I truly enjoy, a loving family and lots of supportive friends, and being able to use my undivided time to do ministry and do whatever I need to accomplish in life, I must not ask for a husband anymore.” I wish I could just conceal the reality that singleness is, perhaps, the “hardest thing” about my journey as a Christian. Because in reality, a deeper part of me longs to share life moments with someone for rest of my life. What makes singleness “hard” is the fact…

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When you touch someone’s heart
Allow them to touch yours as well
Feel the trust, the love
You’ll never know how long it’ll last

When today’s encounter be archived into memories
Make sure you’ll be confident to smile whenever you remember

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Dying Man, 24, Leaves an Awesome Message That Everyone Should Read:

A must-read…awakening at some point.

Kindness Blog

Soon I Will be Gone Forever, but That’s Okay as Long as Someone Reads This.

I am only 24 years old, yet I have actually already chosen my last tie. It’s the one that I will wear on my funeral (above) a few months from now. It may not match my suit, but I think it’s perfect for the occasion.

The cancer diagnosis came too late to give me at least a tenuous hope for a long life, but I realized that the most important thing about death is to ensure that you leave this world a little better than it was before you existed with your contributions . The way I’ve lived my life so far, my existence or more precisely the loss of it, will not matter because I have lived without doing anything impactful.

Before, there were so many things that occupied my mind. When I learned…

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As Ironman Starts The Day


Forgive me for a mugshot 🙂

It’s a great day today. Last day of the week,trying to relax a bit.

God is so good. I can’t ask for more (almost). Then a little bit of wealth comes into view, a little bit of wealth…

Contemplating on how God been so good to me, asking a little bit of something makes me feel embarassed. He showered a great bunch of blessings tantamount with my growth (i supposed). Perhaps there are times i’m looking on a diferrent direction. It’s really important to be with the same page with God.

Knowing that the same God who created the universe and everything in it is the same God who first loved me, I stand in awe. Bringing back honor to whom the honor is due, I praise the Lord today.

Have to work now, see you around!