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Beat the Odds in Your Life

Inspired by the TV Series Game of Thrones

Life is a path of endless options. Every choice we make lead us into new horizon, heights, experiences. Each road, narrow or wide, keeps us moving forward. I’m not in a position to judge to which is right or wrong in every crucial decision we choose, we’re all right in our own ways. Whatever we are into, always remember that we’re responsible for every minute detail that we do. Same goes with decision-making whenever we face trials of all kinds. Below are some practical guide in overcoming various obstacles in life. I hope it can help you in any way possible.


This sounds skeptical to some people. It works in such a way that you don’t feel alone. There’s Someone to the rescue, way greater than superman 🙂 The thing is, it will boost your moral judgment (when God factor is involved, you’ll play your game fair and square). My personal call is, I have to win with righteousness. If I fail for righteousness, I’m pretty sure I can live with that.


26896970102_d171e7b966_bA wise man once said that “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” This will eliminate one crucial factor – the element of surprise. This will give you ahead of your game. Think each possible scenario, keep sharp. If you’re in this kind of habit, it’ll be a muscle memory. Follow your guts. When tackling an important issue, you have to arrive in a certain plan to beat the adversary and finish so strong. It’s your life on stake here.

Murphy’s Law

26387266454_aec9bb2b45_m“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It’s a Trojan Horse sneaking in a backdoor, determined to ruin your well-laid (assuming) plan. That’s why we all have a so-called contingency plan. Keep this alternative approach solid, this last-minute call will decide between success or failure. Good for you if you succeeded, you must be tough! If you fail, pick a lesson out of it. It’s a perfect time not to fall down in slumber. When you’re in rock bottom, mark that pitfall then climb back – never to fall in the same well again. If you fall once, that’s okay. Twice in the same trap, you’ve been tricked. The only way to get rid of a trickster is to learn a lesson (in a hard way) in that particular situation.

Test the Water

26924602511_c3993cfdc4_zDon’t just plunge to your death (yet). Do what programmers usually do. They do some coding, compile, then they test – waiting for error. Simplicity is beauty. Provoke, see how it retaliate against you.

Hint: water’s depth depends on your depth. If it’s shallow, you have more experience to overcome. If it’s really deep, then your character is deep enough! That’s a compliment. You’ll feel what David felt in Psalm 42:7 in which deep calls unto deep. It’s  like you’re halfway in dealing with one problem and then another tough problem comes into view.

Call it fate, but I believe God will not give you problem more than you can handle [1 Cor. 10:13].

Reward Yourself

26924871961_2303f8cba0You deserve it. You’re human. Your mind can fool you into thinking that you’re indestructible, and before you know it you’re succumbing into depression. Keep yourself mentally and emotionally strong. Aside from having a positive outlook, rewarding yourself rejuvenates your passion. Think of it as a way of rebooting yourself. Pull out yourself from your usual busy schedule. Spend some quality time with your family, or cheat yourself with cuisine you love most. Whatever it is that you enjoy, go for it! You’ll be refreshed, ready to face the world again.

Life is supposed to be an exciting journey. It’s not easy to stay focus and maintain our composure in the midst of battle, but there’s where your character is being forged. Deciding under pressure is crucial for you, you’ve better be prepared. Out of all points I’ve given, prayer is the most important factor.




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