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Windows 10 – Stuck On You

Microsoft encouraged me to upgrade my current Operating System (8.1) into Windows 10 for free.stuckwin10 It’s uncommon freebie, especially Microsoft. Jumping on the hype, I understand that it’s their marketing strategy so why not?

This upgrade have 3 stages namely: Copying Files; Installing Features and Drivers; and Configuring Settings. The first two stages ran like a breeze, no hassle, no lag. However, the third stage kept me waiting for about 20minutes. BTW, I have an OCD of keeping a close watch everytime I’m reformatting/reprogramming my laptop. And because I’m impatient (and an idiot), I pressed the start button without releasing it, forcing the system to shut down.

Similar case: Stuck on 91% Restart or Wait?

It rolled back into Windows 8.1. Back to drawing board!

I’m re-downloading Windows 10. I’ll let you guys know if I succeed or fail (most likely, it’s not that I’m pessimistic about it. It’s just the fact that I’m dealing with Windows Operating System – well you know what I mean hehe)



I dozed off while waiting to roll out installation for Windows 10. I reached the final step. But as I sign in my account, I am being bombarded with lots of “failed to execute” error. This reminded me of “illegal operation” error way back Windows 98 🙂

Frustrated, I switched off my laptop. I just can’t install Windows 10. So if you guys are being invited to upgrade to Windows 10 and you can’t help it but go ahead, please do these two actions:

1. Back-up important data. Over and over again we are being instructed to do so but we never learned.

2. Keep your internet connection fast. This can be overlooked in typical Operating System installations. However, in this case that Windows 10 is being downloaded from the internet to upgrade, then make sure to keep your pc connected – in the course of installation.

Guess what. I did not backed up my files. Lucky me, I’m uploading in the cloud (OneDrive) all my important files so I have nothing to worry. And I have fluctuating internet connection so lot of damages are done. But this did not stopped me from having a great day. My life revolve outside Windows. 🙂


IMG-20150802-00003It’s about time to maximize the feature of my laptop. – the One Key Recovery. My system is now as good as new. I just have to get rid of “bundled freewares” that entangle with it.

Keeping in mind the two steps do not ensure us though that installation will work as a charm. Sometimes events happen randomly. We can take our chances anyway.

Piece of advise: Don’t upgrade to Windows 10, yet. Allow other users to experience the bugs and stress. Then Microsoft Team will gather these error reports and update their system. Wait for about 3 months. Then try this new Windows and may its beauty serve its purpose.

Let me know your thoughts and experience.. Thanks!

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  1. Please keep me posted. Thanks! ^_^

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    Posted by SheryL♥ | August 2, 2015, 12:21 pm

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