Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Someday you will realize that your first overseas call is from your father

Delighted to hear your ‘a..e..’ syllables just like no other

As you listen to my voice in a language you don’t have a clue what it means

This made me feel you are close to me, or in my heart so it seems

Forgive me whispering to your ear these words of assurance

That I will always be there for you if I have a chance

As you grow so I will grow older

But not old enough unable to feel the thrill of us being together!

Keep this photo, it will remind you of one fact

That i love you and will always watching your back

Look at the mirror my son, that’s how I look like in my heyday

And you will see how handsome you will be as your hair turns to gray 🙂

By Albert Soriano

Feel free to drop PM to or in Twitter @bert_sharie

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