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When you have God with you

There are lots of advantages in having God in your life. First, you’re not on your own. Knowing that you’re not alone enables you to boost your confidence. Imagine yourself walking in the dark. Scary isn’t it? But when you have your buddy by your side you won’t feel that because you have someone with you.

When you have God, you are guided by moral principles. You are not easily be entangled with every wicked acts the world has to offer. You are set aside as a person full of moral virtues and high standard of righteousness.

You can always sleep at night knowing that you are protected by God. Whenever you have a bad day, you can be assured that tomorrow is another day because there are new every morning – that’s the promise of God. It’s like you can reset everyday in your life, allowing God to mold you each day to a better you.

I can’t imagine myself without God, but with Him I can do anything.


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