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Held (Natalie Grant)

Two months is too little They let him go They had no sudden healing To think that providence Would take a child from his mother While she prays, is appalling Who told us we’d be rescued What has changed and Why should we be saved from nightmares Were asking why this happens to us Who … Continue reading

Forgiving the Flesh–In Which I Recount the Ways My Body Has Betrayed Me

Originally posted on dearlilyjune:
Dear Lily June, As human beings, we live in the flimsy structures of our fleshy bodies. Our hearts, like birds, are protected only by a cage of ribs; our minds, like yolks, sit inside the bony eggs of our skulls. It is a system designed to be fragile and frail. We…


Whenever my judgment is clouded by the circumstances I am in, I keep trusting in the Lord that He has a plan for me [Jeremiah 29:11]. It may not be working for now as I am expecting, I know that in His perfect time, all things will work together for good [Romans 8:28].

The Joy of Parenthood

For my son i long to have, All love out of a father’s heart, is yours.

There’s Something About The Song

If you are a music lover like me, you might pick few songs that you can sing your life with. There are songs that fit just right to our current mental and emotional state. Below are the songs that reflect much of my “innermost being.” Beauty From Pain (Superchick) Yeah, you read it right. It’s a … Continue reading

…And Then The Idea Flew Out Of My Head

If I am carrying a notebook with me always, I must’ve written lots of brilliant ideas. I’m a thinker. I am convinced that there must be a reason in everything. That random act, that isolated reactions, that unprovoked motion – that must be started from something! I love to see the concept beyond innovations. I want to … Continue reading

In His Hands

At some point in my life I tend to go on my own especially when I assume I can handle the job. How many times have I stumbled out of self-reliance? once.. twice.. I will lose count! There are times that I ask (if blame is rude) God why I’m dealing with sufferings I am into only to … Continue reading

Toys I’d Grown Up With

Super Trump I learned playing this card with my siblings. They’re older than me so I just sit with them and wait for any of my elder sisters to shout “Super Trump!” and then I fold my card. You will hear various key words like ‘cylinder’ ‘km/hr’ ‘hp’ ‘cc’. This is a very educational card game. … Continue reading

When you have God with you

There are lots of advantages in having God in your life. First, you’re not on your own. Knowing that you’re not alone enables you to boost your confidence. Imagine yourself walking in the dark. Scary isn’t it? But when you have your buddy by your side you won’t feel that because you have someone with … Continue reading