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Remember when…

Do you remember…


Paul Aldaen

…when you greet our world with faint cries. Those tender lips and fragile body, brought happiness all around you. I can’t help but thank God for a healthy baby boy.

… when you first cling to your mommy. You both spent nine months bonding together, and finally you saw her! I remember how it must have been a spectacular moment to finally ‘meet’ your mother! That feeling, such joy, that is fully expressed thru crying and clinging with little fingers, which of course well-appreciated by your mommy.

… when you started learning how to drink milk.

… when you started staring at your mother, recognizing her voice, responding to her call.

… when you started laughing hilariously! You must be a happy baby!

… when you started “making face”. When you learn how to smile, frown, even wearing the ‘blank face’ which you yourself are not aware of!

… when you respond to the call, recognizing that someone is calling your name. Oh, don’t argue about it, your name is beautiful.

… when you stayed awake at night, and sleeping all day long!

… when you started crawling! Good job!

… when you started pronouncing syllables, creating words only you can understand!

There must be lots of ‘first time’ that i have to say i regret not seeing in my own eyes. Last time i checked, you’re still in your mommy’s womb. But remember this my son, before i left, I whispered to you thru her belly that “i love you and will always love you.. i may not always be around but i’m your father and i love you so much!”

Sometimes i feel that I’m playing God in your life. You did not see me (yet) but you know i’m there.

Remember this very well:

When you start learning how to walk, and find out that your daddy’s not around to help you stand, remember that I’m in a land far away building your future.

When you start learning how to speak, and I’m not around to talk with you, remember that I’m talking to God (even right now) to keep you safe and healthy and well. Worry not, your daddy is a good listener. Whenever you feel like talkin’, tell mommy and I’ll find time to talk with you. I promise, i’ll find time.

Patience is a virtue. I promise I won’t be gone for a very long time. Someday, I will finally go home, never to leave you and your mommy again. I will watch you grow, I will guide you, encourage you, help you.. I will be a greatest daddy you’ll ever knew!

Love, daddy.


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