Posted in Qatar

The Art of Running

IMG-20150412-00031I have a goal of shaping down my tummy. Since I’m in Qatar, a land overflows with foods and pastry, I can’t help but to gain some weight. It doesn’t really matter to me because of my slim body built. But seeing myself in a mirror, slim guy with round belly is not attractive :). People in my age (early 30’s) are getting health conscious, cursing their foods that made them so fat before consuming it ๐Ÿ™‚

So i commit myself in jogging after work. Initially it’s tiring, my impatience keep bothering me. But progressively, I’m picking up momentum. I observe my breathing, applying rhythmic exercises, trying to keep the pace.

It’s a long way to go, considering that my stamina is not that strong. All my efforts will be paid off with released stress, healthy body and a sound mind.

Run Forrest, Run!


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