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The Bond

We cannot laugh on motherhood. She’s in various pain since conception. We’re blessed that her pregnancy does not require bedrest, we just have to take necessary precautions and follow her OB’s instructions religiously and we’re good to go.

Her discomfort did not ended in delivery. Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..” 🙂 I am indebted of her love and affections toward our blessed baby. Surely he’ll be thankful when he’s old enough to express his thoughts. Right now we take joy and pride in his meaningful glances, smile, laughter, “make-faces” (which he’s really good at!). We have a smart kid!

Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..”

This is a simple appreciation for her gentle love and untiring efforts to support Aldaen as he grow. It will be a long road ahead and I guarantee it will never be a smooth ride but one thing I knew for sure: She as his mother, will always be there for her son. Oh boy, that must be love!

It will be a long road ahead and I guarantee it will never be a smooth ride but one thing I knew for sure: she as his mother, will always be there for her son.

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On Leaving

It’s a typical business scene that someone will be leaving. As we greet with courtesy newcomers, so we pat shoulders of those who leave. You can hear remarks such as “good luck in your career,” “we’ll see each other again,” “don’t you dare to come back!” (i like the last comment..hehe..)

I can’t help but wonder that we encounter different people for a reason. It’s not a freak of nature that your boss is there yelling for you. It’s not horrible coincidence that you found yourself rock-bottom. It’s not the tip of magic wand that made you a manager of your department.

Whatever effect people around you may have caused, always remember that they all play vital role in your personal growth. Your character is being developed. Admit it, you are more matured with them. So greet everyone with a smile. They deserve it! You’ll never know when you will part ways so enjoy each other’s company.

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Pie for Everyone

At the end of the day, we all have our fair share. Remember how you approach someone today. Keep in mind how you reacted with flaws and shortcomings of people around you. Did you find time to assure someone that everything will gonna be fine?

We can’t please everyone. Be superkind, and you will experience abuse like never before. Be supermean, and you will count your enemies beyond your fingers and toes! Be neutral, and people will have a doubt whose side are you in. Don’t play safe. You can hurt someone with your actions but if it will contribute to his/her growth then don’t stop. There is no explicit rule on this. Sometimes you have to bend the water, but be careful. Life is like a stage – all eyes are on you.

Don’t be rude. Nobody like that attitude. On communicating with someone, make it a gauge to “understand” him/her. People are angry for no reason? There must be a reason. Family problem, work pressure, health issues (diabetic – i knew people who are irritated when their sugar level spikes up), or simply hungry. Being a professional and kind (live in your trait – kind) individual, you will understand him/her. But never allow insult to pass on your nose without you knowing it. No one have permission to hit you below the belt.

Be careful of a so-called ‘raw nerve’. There are some issues that are significant to others. Some people don’t want to be called “package.” You know when you are describing a person (i.e. “You are beautiful, not just your eyes, but the whole package..). Some don’t want to be disturbed while eating (talkin’ about wild safari where lions don’t want be be disturbed while eating). Rule of the thumb: respect privacy. That’s why it’s PRIVATE, not for you to talk about. Earn trust of people around you and allow them to initiate sharing of their private life to you. Learn to distinguish PRIVATE to PUBLIC. In the CIA, that’s clearly marked: “CLASSIFIED” vs “UNCLASSIFIED”.

That’s why it’s PRIVATE, not for you to talk about.

Working in inter-cultural environment enables me to ‘observe’ and learn how to have my perfect spot. It’s like in first day of school, everyone’s running around, noise everywhere, chaos beyond control. Find your spot where you can’t be a stumbling block to everyone and where you’re not exposed to bullying/challenging. Believe me, even in workplace, people tends to bully you without them thinking they’re bullying you! It’s a matter of blending in. Learn to earn someone’s trust, and never use it in your own advantage. Have pride in yourself by not allowing anyone to backfire to you reminding you of previous favor you’ve availed. Be professional. Smile. No one get hurts in smiling, and it eases the tension. You will be more approachable when you smile. I wonder how people manage to spend their entire day without smiling! Somewhere somehow in their cobwebbed thoughts, there must be funny and exciting event there. I don’t know if you can relate, but there are times when I just smile remembering funny memories. I even got embarrassed for smiling for no reason. Then I casually say to my officemate: “get over it! I’m not smiling at you!” 🙂

…but there are times when I just smile remembering funny memories.

Allow me to share to you these verses from the bible. 2 Timothy 4:7-8 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” That explains further my claim that there’s pie for everyone. It’s like you’ll eventually have your own yogurt with the “fruit” you are carrying. Some carries strawberry, they’ll have strawberry-flavored yogurt. Some are carrying grapes, they’ll have grapes-flavored yogurt. Don’t settle for plain yogurt, it’s sour.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day..”

Today is another day, yet I refused to miss an opportunity to once again thank the Lord for this day. Surely great lessons are yet to learn as new horizons are yet to unfold, yet great things start in a humble beginning. Few lessons on my pockets, few cookies on my jar, eventually I will harvest the fruit of my yogurt 🙂

Don’t settle for plain yogurt, it’s sour

God bless everyone. Always remember: You will have your fair share of pie. (it could be your favorite flavor of pie!)



Diggin’ in my previous post, I almost forgot that i wrote similar post in different perspective. Feel free to look on Pie for Everybody.

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I love to hear when people keep telling me that my son looks like me. Of course part of facial features are from my wife, yet the significant resemblance with me are the eyes. Having my son inherit the same eyes make me feel so proud and I am just happy to look at him. I knew every parent feels the same way.

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One Fine Night

This is a typical thursday-night setup. People are gathering around in one room and will talk for hours. Such happy hours are usually accompanied with liquors. And since it’s prohibited here in Qatar and we’re all good boys, we settled in bottles of “Barbican” insteIMG-20150413-00043ad, a non-alcoholic malt.

Companionship like this relieves us from homesickness, worries, and problems we are encountering in a daily basis. Find time to relax, enjoy and talk about everything under the sun.

Before we knew it, it’s about time to rest and have a good night sleep. Tomorrow’s another day. New challenges await for expat soldiers  🙂

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The Art of Running

IMG-20150412-00031I have a goal of shaping down my tummy. Since I’m in Qatar, a land overflows with foods and pastry, I can’t help but to gain some weight. It doesn’t really matter to me because of my slim body built. But seeing myself in a mirror, slim guy with round belly is not attractive :). People in my age (early 30’s) are getting health conscious, cursing their foods that made them so fat before consuming it 🙂

So i commit myself in jogging after work. Initially it’s tiring, my impatience keep bothering me. But progressively, I’m picking up momentum. I observe my breathing, applying rhythmic exercises, trying to keep the pace.

It’s a long way to go, considering that my stamina is not that strong. All my efforts will be paid off with released stress, healthy body and a sound mind.

Run Forrest, Run!

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Dayoff Overload

I have two days off here in Qatar, friday and saturday. Sometimes I went with my officemates, but it’s better be during night time because of scorching heat in the desert. When vanity strikes, I climb in the rooftop of our accommodation and take few photos with my phone.

Stretch of Street 40

It’s not exactly a scenery to you 🙂 This is industrial area, we can expect nothing more. Looking at the bright side, here’s where money pours. This is the reason I’m here. The more wasted the land is, the more room for improvement and renovation.

IMG-20150411-00021Temperature is rising steadily as day passes by. Wintertime is out of the picture. It will be a nine-month long summer.  Dust is everywhere. Since I came here, cold never left me. I have allergies in dust, I guess staying here made it worse. But enough medicine, sufficient rest, (ir)regular exercise did the trick. I’m at the peak of my health! <cough>

I have to get going, it’s gettin’ hot in here!