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The Bond

We cannot laugh on motherhood. She’s in various pain since conception. We’re blessed that her pregnancy does not require bedrest, we just have to take necessary precautions and follow her OB’s instructions religiously and we’re good to go. Her discomfort did not ended in delivery. Aldaen must have said: “mom, we’re only just began..” 🙂 … Continue reading

On Leaving

It’s a typical business scene that someone will be leaving. As we greet with courtesy newcomers, so we pat shoulders of those who leave. You can hear remarks such as “good luck in your career,” “we’ll see each other again,” “don’t you dare to come back!” (i like the last comment..hehe..) I can’t help but … Continue reading

Pie for Everyone

At the end of the day, we all have our fair share. Remember how you approach someone today. Keep in mind how you reacted with flaws and shortcomings of people around you. Did you find time to assure someone that everything will gonna be fine? We can’t please everyone. Be superkind, and you will experience … Continue reading


I love to hear when people keep telling me that my son looks like me. Of course part of facial features are from my wife, yet the significant resemblance with me are the eyes. Having my son inherit the same eyes make me feel so proud and I am just happy to look at him. … Continue reading

One Fine Night

This is a typical thursday-night setup. People are gathering around in one room and will talk for hours. Such happy hours are usually accompanied with liquors. And since it’s prohibited here in Qatar and we’re all good boys, we settled in bottles of “Barbican” instead, a non-alcoholic malt. Companionship like this relieves us from homesickness, … Continue reading

The Art of Running

I have a goal of shaping down my tummy. Since I’m in Qatar, a land overflows with foods and pastry, I can’t help but to gain some weight. It doesn’t really matter to me because of my slim body built. But seeing myself in a mirror, slim guy with round belly is not attractive :). … Continue reading

Dayoff Overload

I have two days off here in Qatar, friday and saturday. Sometimes I went with my officemates, but it’s better be during night time because of scorching heat in the desert. When vanity strikes, I climb in the rooftop of our accommodation and take few photos with my phone. It’s not exactly a scenery to … Continue reading