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For Whom?

I’m writing for various reasons. I’m an effective writer at the peak of my emotions. The drawback though, is the regret and guilt felt when I came back to my senses. If I prefer to be safe in writing, I will calm myself first, maintain my composure, and then hit the keyboard. But doing so would make me feel less effective. Perhaps I prefer writing freely.

During my teenage life, I am writing mostly for the object of my affection (dude, been there, done that! *wink). I even composed numerous poems! Then as I mature and gain wisdom through the test of time, I slowly shifting from emotional side into less subjective. I began to write encouraging essays, mostly to honor Jesus as I put my faith in Him. Eventually, I attempted to write series of insights hopeful that I might offer few help to the reader that are perhaps in the process of ordeals I’d been through.

As eager as I am in writing my affections to the girl of my dreams, how I desire to write for my Master. I’m writing for the love of God in my life, and I am determined to do so for  the rest of my life.