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We are in this world for but a glimpse. A spark of light in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure how i spent first few years of my life here, that uncertainties of whether you understand what i’m sayin’… Nevertheless, here i am in the midst of solitude and isolation. Ideas and realizations flow freely in this soul so lost in this crowd. When my very state of being defy even the hardest foundation of faith, when it’s not all about my faih, then my weaknesses are being exposed. Share of doubts clouding over me, bringinga sense of transparency, ripple effect is this feeling of comfort that i am not hiding in pretension. There’s no need for me to pretend that i am so strong yet i am weak in the inside. Don’t getme wrong, i am not in a self-destruct mode (uhm, sometimes),  i am just being me, in this state of my being.
To whom am i laboring for? I will be here for about fifty years, perhaps sixty years… nowadays, reaching the age ofsixty cancer-free is considered a fruitful life. If i will be thinking of my career, then there are lots of rooms for regrets. Sometimes  reaching achievements are easier said than done. After i reach the goal, what next? I don’t want to carry my trophies of pride in my whole life, inasmuch as i refused to be intimidated.
Time, such precious time. Not to mention the amount of time spent figuring out the best choice. Worse, whi.chever i choose, there’s a tradeoff. Why can’t everyone get their share? I mean pie for everybody! Why some people just can’t get enough?
Tomorrow, another day. Another day to waste, to be productive, to experience something new, not for others but for me.


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