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God, You alone

So much for lonely posts…


Reflecting the image on the outside… Spotcheck… Guide to fix what’s wrong in the reflection. Sigh…


Minutes,…hours… this once excited journey is now filled with grief. This heart did not seek sympathy from anyone. This soul drifting in the realm of the unworthy longs nothing but peace. This deafening silence is screaming so hard that it redefines my inner identity. Enjoyment is a temporary experience to hide/conceal the pains and sufferings … Continue reading

The rest

I don’t want to flow in this river of life like the rest of the crowd. I desire to be so free of regrets and weights of this world. Life is sometimes inconsistent, as much as i am. Today i am so free, and a moment later, i am in bondage of this chains of … Continue reading


In this life, there is a time that you will be caught off-guarded. That’s what happened to me. I thought i’d grown up.


We are in this world for but a glimpse. A spark of light in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure how i spent first few years of my life here, that uncertainties of whether you understand what i’m sayin’… Nevertheless, here i am in the midst of solitude and isolation. Ideas and realizations … Continue reading

Cluttered again,