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The Power to Connect

What you are seeing is the Air Traffic Control around the world. Come to think if one plane loses its track… Ever wonder why this world is full of chaos? It’s because not just one man is out of track, but most men are.

Life never fails to amuse me. I don’t know if you can relate to my thoughts, i just wanna share.

The power to connect determines the enabling process to nurture harmony and peace. Lot of relationships died before having a chance to grow due to circumstances surrounding individuals and the subjective judgment of a person himself towards another. As much as healthy relationships could end in a statement, so is the dying relationship can be saved with convincing truth. Draw people to you not because you want something from them or you want to boast yourself. Draw people to you because that’s how it have to be. Life is about connecting yourself to others, leaving distinctive mark as you leave. Bring out the “friend” in them. Of course, people have characters that we can’t tolerate. They also feel the same way about you so that makes you even. Common sense will tell us that doing kindness to people attracts kindness. Saying that people will abuse you of your kindness is a two-way process. They will only abuse you if you let them. Love your enemy but treat them as they are. If you have to suffer, suffer for what you believe is right because doing things against your will is actually a suffering. Everyday we are dealing with people of various races with different upbringing and possessing unique “morality issues” hardwired in themselves. Politics and norms of society and various beliefs (religions) are moving in parallel with each other. Somebody cross the line and it will disrupt the flow, creating disturbance, and the ripple effect of that personal issue will lead trouble to society.

So we have to have the one mind, one goal, one vision, one advocacy, one voice. We’ve got to be in unison to have a perfect line traveling to the goal called perfection. So what’ the solution? Does anyone actually knew what’s the perfection itself?

We can’t simply suppress someone’s belief. Resistance is always there.

That’s the wonder about God. There’s much more to learn, there’s much more to know about Him.

It is His intention to bring back the man into His kingdom in such a way that man can no longer resist. I knew you will agree with me if I say that’s love. You can ignore love but you simply can’t resist it. Perhaps once, twice.. But He’ll never given up with you, even ’til now.

I’m looking forward to that day when men and women will walk in parallel direction, setting aside their pride and casting their crowns to travel in the perfection that God created for them to travel. Man, in his rational being, is not contented. Today he can live with small earnings, but as his purchase power increases, so is his goal elevates. This convinces us that whatever a man put in front of him is there not to be the goal but to go beyond it! That’s how a man is built – to go beyond boundaries. It’s his nature.

People are choosing their own path. It’s the path that you choose today that will determine who you are in the future. Be sensitive to God. Be aware that whatever you are doing in your location today, you have to move forward to perfection. God is love. Don’t be confused with the pressures and deceptions in front of you. If you have to run blindly to go forward, do it!

Let your line be so straight that you will not move into circles, or worse, backtrack to your former self. Remember that your life is an influence. If you fluctuate the line, you will create an impact to the universe. Ever wonder how great is the impact of each people around the world?

I know it’s hard to explain.. that’s how i see it..

Bottom line: if you are sure that what you are believing leads you towards God and His love, then continue to walk the path. Pray for righteousness to never leave you. Never walk in darkness…never again..

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