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Catch The Bouquet!

She’s ate Gena.. She created the gown of Sharie and prepared all dresses and every item for the entourage. She’s running a boutique. She’s dedicated in her art. She’s very handy and i remember that she did not go to sleep until she’s satisfied with Sharie’s gown! If you are planning a wedding and if possible to pay visit in Nueva Ecija, guys, she’s highly recommended!

Interesting fact: months after our wedding, they tied the knot!

We Filipinos traditionally practicing for fun that we call all the single ladies and they will position themselves at the back of the bride wherein the bride will toss the flower to them without looking. There’s a favorite knowledge (it’s not a belief) that whoever catch the bouquet will be married next (by fate). Additionally, single men are also present to choose for someone to be paired with a woman who will catch the bouquet. They will represent the bride and the groom. WHATEVER THE GROOM DO IN HIS BRIDE, THEY WILL IMITATE! That’s why out of shyness, not all women are participating.

Here comes the twist.. Our emcee decided to proceed differently. She coined it the other way around. Whoever catch the bouquet will be out of the game (which means she’ll not be paired with a guy). She managed to be the first to catch the bouquet, and walk away happily in the game.

Few months later, we received a happy news that she decided to get married!

Coincidence? That’s debatable. We’re just happy for her and her husband. yeeeeee…(can’t hide the thrill that it feels).

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