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I Kissed Middle East Goodbye


Apologies to Mr. Joshua Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye) for imitating the title. I just want it to be catchy, you know.

July 07, 2007 10pm. Touchdown – Qatar. I can’t believe it! I’m officially in the middle east region. Looking back on my home country, I am very excited on experiences and adventures this Arab country has to offer. Not to mention that I am a devout born again Christian and I want to make a difference here. Driven by factors many to mention, this is the fulfillment of a long-time dream to have a stable job – almost. I don’t have job yet since I arrived here via visit business visa.

Then I was toured around the city by my generous sister with her husband. In that two weeks sprint, I gained weight. That’s incredible since I’d never gained weight before! Then on 15th July I applied in two companies namely Technip Middle East and Fugro. The next day, I’d found myself starting to work in Fugro. Nice! Nice!

This five-year adventure is life-changing! I’m planning to write a book about it so watch out! I want to include you guys in my book. And what would be the title? Feel free to suggest… below are the phrases came to my mind:

“The Rise and Fall of Challenges in the Arab Ground” – sounds epic.

“How I’d spent half a decade of my life in the Middle East” – sounds chronologic.

“Conquering Qatar” – ala-Napoleon Bonaparte eh?

“Living Life in Arabic Culture” – breaking boundaries of cultural differences

“Paradigm Shift… Character Development” – this sums all the growth and lessons I’d learned (life is continuous learning process, right?)

“Truth and Consequence” – all it take for me to be me..everything I have to trade off and all the choices I took as I stand in the test of time.

“So What’s Wrong on Being Funny and Nice?? Smile, it doesn’t hurts.” – sounds humorous..

Ok..so much for that. I’m looking forward on making into fulfillment the production of my book. Then I will publish it here..weeee…self-proclaimed author in the house!!

By the way, as true as it sounds, I kissed middle east goodbye. Philippines, here I come!!

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5 thoughts on “I Kissed Middle East Goodbye

  1. Hahaha! OMG kuya Albert… You just sound like me!! :)) I’ve been wanting to write a book as well about my adventures in the U.S, my lovelife, and what-not’s. haha. I actually wrote the intro last summer about my life as a single, but unfortunately it was saved on my other laptop that broke last spring and I don’t have any copy of it anymore. Well I hope you’ll be able to fulfill that dream of yours. I’ll be here to read it and if you can, please send me a hard-copy of it! 😀 God bless! 🙂


    Posted by Imay | August 9, 2012, 10:16 am
    • imay!!!my avid follower (as i do in your wp).. actually ung idea on writing a book just popped up as i’m writing the article down..the hardest thing for me to do is to start..but in your case is “to start all over again” due to crashed pc…awful!

      thanks for motivation..kaya toh! aja! :))

      God bless..let’s exchange each other’s book para tayo2 magpirmahan sa paperback cover..wehehe..


      Posted by albertsoriano2jc | August 9, 2012, 3:52 pm
  2. Hey, we came from the same town . 🙂


    Posted by Lizzie | August 13, 2012, 12:24 pm
  3. Anyway, I’ll be leaving the middle east soon as well. It’s not the place for me. And oh, I gained a lot of weight too eversince I moved to this part of the world.


    Posted by Lizzie | August 13, 2012, 12:28 pm
  4. Lizzie, indeed, from the beautiful city of san jose, nueva ecija…

    Aw, you’re leaving too.. I’d gained weight too, here! perhaps due to lots and lots of chickens! Middle East contributed much for my character development.. i’d learned to be patient like never before! *wink

    i believe we have common friends. been familiar with cristy bides? 🙂 i admire your talents and skills in photography..Good to know that you also have blogsite 🙂 I’ll follow your site..

    God bless you..Thanks for reading my post.. you’re very much appreciated..


    Posted by albertsoriano2jc | August 13, 2012, 4:32 pm

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