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Uhm..More Than Useless…

There comes a time in my life when i feel i am so useless.. As if everything i am laboring for and investing for came to ashes. You know this kind of “back-to-zero” scenario that hey, i have to start from the scratch. But then again, Jesus assured me that I’m more than useless.. (special … Continue reading

The Power to Connect

Life never fails to amuse me. I don’t know if you can relate to my thoughts, i just wanna share. The power to connect determines the enabling process to nurture harmony and peace. Lot of relationships died before having a chance to grow due to circumstances surrounding individuals and the subjective judgment of a person … Continue reading

Catch The Bouquet!

She’s ate Gena.. She created the gown of Sharie and prepared all dresses and every item for the entourage. She’s running a boutique. She’s dedicated in her art. She’s very handy and i remember that she did not go to sleep until she’s satisfied with Sharie’s gown! If you are planning a wedding and if … Continue reading

I Kissed Middle East Goodbye

Apologies to Mr. Joshua Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye) for imitating the title. I just want it to be catchy, you know. July 07, 2007 10pm. Touchdown – Qatar. I can’t believe it! I’m officially in the middle east region. Looking back on my home country, I am very excited on experiences and … Continue reading