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Uprightness of Heart

Word Of The Day:

“I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.” Psalm 119:7 KJV

The only way to achieve a righteous heart is to conform to God’s standards. Everyone is righteous in his own ways. That’s why God given us the entire history of mankind through the bible for us to follow the righteous men and women of God. Furthermore, He given His only Son to demonstrate the righteousness that God desires to have in the hearts of His people.

Stop being self-righteous! That’s the first step towards uprightness of heart. Afterwards, we start to learn the righteous judgments of God. The very first practical approach is to be familiar into His people. Mingle with God’s chosen people. I respect if you’re not (yet) part of the Christian fellowship I am into. Inasmuch as the stand of faith is concerned, if you can draw near to God in your current spiritual affiliation, then stay there. But if staying there can’t get you any closer to God, then you are cordially invited to seek the truth. I highly recommended the born again Christian fellowship. You might not understand it now but just give it a try. 🙂

As I was saying, we have to learn God’s righteous judgments. Go back to the bible. Learn His laws, principles, parables. God is speaking in His people straightforward and in parables. Everything deserves growth, including your very own judgments. Don’t push hard. Masticate every word you receive from the Lord and from His servants. Learn each day through application in your life the very own judgments of God. You know in your heart the righteousness of the Lord. If you have any doubt, approach your brother or/and sister. God’s wisdom is not just stored in the bible. It is being lived by His people. Learn through the testimonies of His people. If God is showing forth His love and protection in His people, He can also do that to you! All you have to do is trust! And of course, obey..

So the next time you approach the throne, you are able to praise the Lord with uprightness of the heart.

Be blessed!

-albert2jc – 17/07/12


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