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The Thrill of Having Your Family Members Beginning to Walk with Jesus….

More than ten years ago, i prayed that my family will walk the Christian life i am walking in. It’s never been easy being a born again Christian in a family fully devoted in Roman Catholic religion. I keep praying that God will touch their hearts to walk in this exciting walk of faith in the Lord. Of course, i respect them in their beliefs, I’d been one of them in the past. What I am concerned of is if being converted into a Born Again Christian will draw them close to God, I love to share the Good News of salvation.

Last year, I’d wrote a post here in WP about my little brother whom I love so much and my prayer is for him to know Jesus Christ as he grows into puberty.

I saw this photo last night in the Facebook photo of my sister, Aprilyn. This is the fulfillment of God’s promises! They are now active in young people ministry, together with my two sisters Maretes and Angielyn! Oh what a joy it brought in my heart to see them walk the faith!

First who knew Jesus Christ as personal Saviour is my eldest sister Arlene. I am young by that time and lot of events happened that shaped us as we grow. Then I knew Jesus Christ as personal Saviour on my college days. That time, i began my prayer to have my family experience the thrill and joy of salvation. Let’s admit it, of all the people in the world, it’s very hard to reach your own family simply because they knew you inside and out.

We are all not going in the same local church but i knew, as in the bible that someone planted a seed, and someone will nurture it, someone will harvest it, but it’s the Lord who waters it and guide it into maturity, bearing fruit..

Thank You Lord for the salvation of my family..My parents will be next *wink


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6 thoughts on “The Thrill of Having Your Family Members Beginning to Walk with Jesus….

    1. grabe.. prayers ko din yan before kay april and dan..
      sa drafts i sve prayers., my prayers is to be there at youthcamp but God answered to be part of EGR..grabe.. and i like the last part..we have seed to planted but God be the water to guide in growin that bearing fruit. so blessed. so powerful testimony!!! to God be the glory..!!


  1. wow! that’s so exciting! I’ve had the same prayer as well… most of my family members have accepted Jesus in their hearts but are not involved in any ministry… however, it’s way easier for me to invite them to go to church than before… basta keep praying lang and keep on proclaiming, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” God bless kuya and your family. πŸ™‚


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