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Handling Losses

Losing loved ones to illness and death, losing a job due to an economic downturn, losing a close friend over a misunderstanding, and losing innocence to predators are all very difficult to handle.

Job experienced devastating losses in a short period of time. Read Job 1 to see how his initial response to his personal tragedy provides us with action steps in handling our own personal losses.

First, he mourned because of his loss. The tearing of the clothes and shaving the head indicated intense grief and was often an immediate reaction to disaster. He stopped everything to acknowledge his losses. During any loss, we must slow down long enough to remember and cry, to laugh and enjoy the memories. Mourning and grieving are natural expressions that should not be suppressed.

Second, Job worshiped in the midst of his loss. After he went through the regular mourning rituals, he responded to his tragedy with a profound expression of worship. When we experience a loss, we should recognize that God is the source of all life and is control over all things, then we can respond to Him with praise,honor,and complete reverence.

Job used this painful time to get to know God in a fuller sense. Losses are tough to handle, but thanks to the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our troubles (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

We can maintain our relationship with God through praying, regular Bible reading, attending worship services, and fellowshipping with other Christians.

-Marvin Williams (Our Daily Journey)

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