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500 Days of Summer – Movie Review

First of all, I will not review this movie in its technical productions. I will focus mostly on its story, as I can relate, as I can agree, and disagree. (Ok, it’s my first time movie review, so please bear with me).

The plot of the movie is about a guy who met a girl who did not believe in “love” or specifically put – “in a relationship” commitment. Her point of view rooted from separation of her parents in her early age. Her name is Summer. I have a hint from the very start that the word “Summer” is not pertaining to the climate. Kudos to the people behind the story! Summer is more ladylike than Sunshine (agree?) Oh, i’m sorry Ms. Sunshine (coincidence) no pun intended.

At first I thought it’s mismatch with the pairs. Summer, in every angle and scene, is lively and attractive. On the other hand, Tom is some kind of lousy and not a boy-next-door type. He looks a bit lame compare to the aura of Summer. But I knew that somehow, there’s a trick behind that. As the story goes, Tom gained a reputation of pursuing a woman. I am actually mirroring myself on him! cough! hihihi….

I love Tom’s friends! One guy who’s in a relationship with his classmate since grade school, one guy who have a girlfriend few hours ago. Tom addressed them as men with authority about love. Not to mention cute little 12-year old girl or something, who’s advising him with one-liner awakening statements.

Did I mentioned a while ago that Tom’s attitude is similar to me? Here’s the situation:

Summer said to Tom that she wants him to know that she don’t want something serious. Tom said that it’s alright (though he’s so in love with her). By that time, they’re already seeing each other, watching movies together, even have intimate contact. Summer asked: “are you sure? because others are freaking out when they heard that.” Tom assured that it’s ok, the casual thing. But you can see that he’s hurt. Sometimes, I pretend to say that it’s ok even though it hurts. It’s not that I’m fooling myself or that I’m lying. I just don’t want her to know. 🙂

As this movie focuses more on man’s “moving on” in a failed relationship, It’s loaded with lots of emotions, interpretations, point of views, quotable quotes, and lots of unforgettable scenes. I like how awkward it is Tom bumping with Summer few months after the “breakup”. As gentleman as he is, he spoke with her. I also like one time after, in rage, Tom told Summer that “we’re not friends! We don’t do what friends do! etc…etc… as for me, we’re d*mned couple!” Then as he rushes down, frustrated, he come across with two ladies. He even told them “after you, please” to give way to them. I like that attitude.

Humors. Lot of humors are there. I like the scene when he punched the nose of a guy in a bar. He smiled to Summer who was surprised. But after about 2 seconds, the guy punched back with a wham! I like the timing of scripts. I like how his friends cheer him up. I want to take note of the “Summer effect” There’s one scene that tells about the statistics about the rise of sales as Summer employs in her sophomore years..the market value of the apartment she’s renting in… the bus she’s riding in.. I’m a bit lost there but it’s worth.

I like it in the introduction, Jenny Beckman was mentioned but she’s nowhere in the film. I’d took some “diggin'” and found out that “Jenny Beckman” is actually about a girl who dumped the writer! Be as it may, or fictious, it’s wonderful to know that that guy have to use the movie as a way of taking revenge, or “let the whole world know” that she dumped him! When you finished watching the movie, you could relate (much).

I like it when the EXPECTATION vs. REALITY of what’s really happening are flash simultaneously on-screen at the same time. He expects that Summer will embrace him, but the reality is that she will just hug him lightly.

I’m convincing myself that eventually, Summer and Tom will be together as they should be (in the movie, at least). Even after she married someone else, I even hoping that they can be together, that Summer will tell that “You are that man,Tom. That’s just a rehearsal and today’s our wedding day!” and then the sponsors and minister will come out from hiding, and that park will be a garden wedding! What an incredible ending! But Tom contradicted my expectations. He mentioned about “destiny” “soulmates” “true love” “all about childhood fairy tale” “nonsense” …. They parted ways, and it’s not a happy ending..not yet.

When Autumn come into the scene, then the day 1 begins again! I suspect it will be called “500 days of Autumn”!

By the way, that’s a great, box-office hit movie.. Highly recommended.. and Summer have the same smile as my wife…I am missin’ my wife so dearly.

That movie told what a man really feels for the girl whom he loves. I’m wondering how about a woman portraying how she really feel for a man she loves? Can you share movie(s) about that? Your recommendations are highly appreciated!

God bless!

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