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I wish to say that as “funny” as it sounds, there are some point in my life that are inappropriate to laugh with. But somehow, there are circumstances in our lives that seem to be a “big deal” at present but few years from now, when we look back, we just laugh at these… isn’t … Continue reading

A Prayer

I just want to thank God for everyday. He’d given me much than I deserved. These unmerited favors follow me everywhere! Truly, I am His special child. I live, laugh, fight, lose, won…  – in all of these, God never left me. If only I knew it from the very start, I should have gone … Continue reading

To Ink Or Not To Ink?

A’ryt! For the first place, i have no intention to offend anyone or condemn anyone who had tattooed. I stand to be corrected,anyhow. I am thinking of putting an image this topic but i decided not to in order to avoid negative feedback in case the person who have that tattoo saw this 🙂 I … Continue reading

The Prayer (Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot) – Part 2

So we have a very memorable day. It’s about time to sit down and replenish our energies as we both hungry! Nevertheless, our photographer just can’t get enough! We admired him for his dedication and coolness. Kudos to Kuya Flor! Here are the continuation of our PreNuptial Photoshoot: Serenading us with awkward song. I can’t … Continue reading

500 Days of Summer – Movie Review

First of all, I will not review this movie in its technical productions. I will focus mostly on its story, as I can relate, as I can agree, and disagree. (Ok, it’s my first time movie review, so please bear with me). The plot of the movie is about a guy who met a girl … Continue reading