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I am a man with attitude. People around me describe me as a “funny” person. I smile to everyone. I wave for no reason. I laugh so hard. I run like a freak. I talk too much, fast. One word – crazy.

On the other hand, I am a lighthearted person. Curse is tabboo for me. Yes, I did not curse. I lied. 🙂

Once, i was described as a tadpole, because I move jerkily (i’m not sure if my adverb is correct). Once I was described as “godlike” not because of my righteousness, but simply because “I’m everywhere”. People can find me here now and few minutes later, I’m on the other building. Magic!

Few people can see my “other side.” I am ruthless, merciless, rude, selfish, unjust. I’m describing my boss. 🙂

I am  simply emotional individual. I love to sing. For me, life is searching for the right tune for my voice, because it will take a lifetime to look for it. hehehe. I sing because I’m blessed with appreciative heart. I am quick to appreciate kindness, yet slow to cast judgment. Most of the time, when I am confronted with heated argument, I pause, and looking for possible reasons why we can’t agree. If I can’t find any valid reason, I casually give him a reason say “perhaps he’s having a bad day,” or “maybe he’s not in good terms with his mother-in-law.” (hey, it doesn’t have to be me! says my wifes’ mother) 😀

I love to dance when I feel so good. Life’s good.Instinctively, I dance when I’m tired. I’m cheering up myself thru dancing. I leap(literally) when I’m happy and excited. You might imagine how I reacted when my wife agreed to marry me. whoah!!

Morning sunshine greet me with radiance each morning. The coolness of the night comforts my weary soul. If there’s one trait of life I am so amazed of is that it never fails to surprise me. No matter how I predict the outcome of every endeavor, it has something out of its sleeve to slam before my very eyes. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: I managed to come out of everything. Life is a puzzle. Hurdles, booby traps, blind curves, name it. Each and every scenario I am dealing with contributes to my growth as a man. After a major blow in my life, I come out as a fighter, more matured. Life’s cool.

I can live a miserable life, but I choose not to. I want to contribute to unwritten goal of men of good faith to make this world a better place to live in. I want to be a part of a solution, not a problem. I want to set an example in my time, and a legacy to the next generation. I respect every ideology, faith, stand, claim, sect, affiliation, beliefs, even superstitions of everyone all around me. I even respect people who read manga and talk about it like the next premiere in the cinema, people who act, dress (cosplay) like an anime character, perform various seals in front of me (talk about japanese anime). I trust you one secret, I’m one of them. 😀

I enjoy watching movies, following t.v. series particularly CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, NY), Grey,s Anatomy, Two and A Half Men, My Name Is Earl (my favorite), Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, Fallen, How I Met Your Mother, Legend of the Seeker – to name a few. I am  thinking of following the closed series of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Perhaps some other time. I want to watch 24, Lost, Prison Break, E.R., Big Bang Theory. Again, some other time.

I love to travel. But I hate to walk. I don’t want to climb a hill. Or maybe I’m not used on adventure. I set my foot on a beach when I’m already on college. I’m just lazy. Ironically, I am a nature-lover. I keep falling in love with mountain ranges, autumn leaves (as if we have autumn weather in the Philippines! hehe), green cliff.. I love to see cascades of water in a deep river, chirping of morning birds in the morning and serenade of cicadas in a long night. Oh, yeah, i love the moon. It’s fantastic! See the ring around the moon in a cloudless sky? unending tales envelope the moon with mystery: the “hare” in the moon (as told by my late grandmother), the “wolf theory” of the full moon, the “waiting for the witch” to pass through riding in a broom..It’s nice to be child again, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, I’m describing myself still – I’m childish. Actually, I’m lighthearted. I don’t take words and jokes sensitively. But my ears are sharp to distinguish between jokes and insults. I didn’t take any insult on myself. I am taking care of my name up to now, and I will never let anyone to bring me down. I hate allegations and accusations. I believe we can talk everything out without raising each other’s voices. I am gentle. Am I getting angry? Yes, I am. But I never let my anger wipe away my self-control. I am silent most of the time when I am angry. When I am fed up with everything, I simply go silent. I don’t want to speak in rage, I’m sure I will regret it afterwards.

If someone offended me, I forgive. But it takes time to be alright. Trust is earned, I can’t simply throw it away with a single dispute. But I have to set allowance for my self-preservation. Letting other people bring us down lowers our self-respect. I can’t allow that.

Oh, before I forget, I write. I spend most of my quality time writing. You’re reading the proof of my claim. 🙂

I’d shared one secret to you a while ago, allow me to share another: today is my day.

God bless you!


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