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A New Chapter

“A man just married few months ago, I wonder how to live this way.”

Allow me to tell you my life story, why I’d arrived in the statement above.

I’m working in international engineering firm here in Doha, Qatar for about five years. By the time I started working, I’m not yet married. Few years ago, I met a beautiful girl, and to cut the long story short, we got married eventually. That’s a turningpoint of my life. I know great change in my life had just began, and I am excited to welcome new change, new events, new life.

Being away from my loving wife is not easy. Lots of sleepless nights, long and lonely days, unending longingness – these fill my heart. But I know at the end of all of these, I will greet myself each morning with her smile. I know time will come that I will sleep in her warm embrace. I know things will turn the way I want it to be, the way we want it to be. I know that love, in the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to flourish and fill our hearts with gladness. I know, the fulfillment of each other’s life is in His awesome presence. In the love of God, we will stay so strong and be united. I remember one verse in the scripture that I love so dearly, saying:

“It was also called Mizpah, because he said, “May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” – Genesis 31:49

The Lord will surely watch between us. And having that assurance keep my heart at rest and my mind at peace. Until we see each other again, my love.

But that don’t stopped me from wonderin how to live this way. 😀

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