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Rock Bottom…

Looking back 10 years ago, I’d been a radical Christian believer. I saw men and women running their race of faith. I’d even been an instrument to spread the Good News of salvation. I am a living witness of manifestations of God’s intervention among His people. I saw rise and fall of men and women all around me. I’d been aware of controversies and anomalies, politics so it’s called, challenges among leadership, flowing in different realms in the Spirit, twists and turns of events,  been rebuked and commended.. I’d got a lot of “been there done that” situations. In that 10-year period, God, in His grace and mercy, indeed been so faithful to me. I am facing troubles in each and every turns, but confident that He’s fighting on my behalf. Of course, I have to work it out (as faith without works is dead), nevertheless, it’s a relief knowing that I am not alone on this.

In His hands, i am safe and sound. I am destined to fulfill His mandate. I may not be able to change the world, but change will begin in me, and it’s a real deal! It’s not very easy to unlearn habits and principalities of life i’d learned through the years. It’s not easy to align my will to God’s will. But that’s just a start. Long way to go navigator!


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