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I heard a preacher says:

You will be tested in your weakness. If your weakness is girl, satan will even surround you with beautiful girls!

That makes me wonder! Is he speaking on behalf of his experience? I mean, had he been surrounded by beautiful girls? Humor me, : ))   I mean, I’m not judgmental on man’s appearance. If that’s his weakness that he’d overcome by the blood of Jesus, then we’ll understand each other!

Bottom line is: you don’t have to be so handsome to be attached to be surrounded with beautiful girls! : )  lease don’t get me wrong, nobody is ugly. I’d heard that “everyone is beautiful, except in the eyes of the insecure..” which is absolutely right! Anyway, I knew he’d overcome that weakness because his words have impact in us. That’s the power of the gospel. When you speak of your life, that’s a testimony, that’s a “living Word” that’s living in you..that’s your lifestyle. It will come out with power!

But then again i can’t help asking myself: “…he being surrounded by beautiful girls? seriously??”

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