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I heard a preacher says:

You will be tested in your weakness. If your weakness is girl, satan will even surround you with beautiful girls!

That makes me wonder! Is he speaking on behalf of his experience? I mean, had he been surrounded by beautiful girls? Humor me, : ))   I mean, I’m not judgmental on man’s appearance. If that’s his weakness that he’d overcome by the blood of Jesus, then we’ll understand each other!

Bottom line is: you don’t have to be so handsome to be attached to be surrounded with beautiful girls! : )  lease don’t get me wrong, nobody is ugly. I’d heard that “everyone is beautiful, except in the eyes of the insecure..” which is absolutely right! Anyway, I knew he’d overcome that weakness because his words have impact in us. That’s the power of the gospel. When you speak of your life, that’s a testimony, that’s a “living Word” that’s living in you..that’s your lifestyle. It will come out with power!

But then again i can’t help asking myself: “…he being surrounded by beautiful girls? seriously??”

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Things will change..

Being confronted with inevitable changes in life, i am sneaking out of my own. This world full of promises and deceptions in which it’s up to us to play the game or be played, somehow circumstances got rough and the table turns in against us. But I did not stop there. The game has just began. I may not be the best man in this field, but what I have is the guts to stand among the rest. There is nothing in this world that hinders me from reaching out to new accomplishments. I am not blinded by the pessimistic people around me. I am not trying to be optimistic, rather, I am confident that God called me into something new, and I will embrace the new wholeheartedly. If I have to leave everything behind me, I will. If these loads are for God, then sooner or later these will bring back to me. If not, it’s ok to me. I’ve got nothing to lose when God is with me. Somehow, I am reluctant to embrace opportunities before me because I am having this false humility inside of me. I have no courage to grab ’em! But now, I will swing my arms with a WHAM! Then I will grab bits and pieces of blessings before me! How about that!

Then I woke up : )))

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Psalm 38

“O, Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.Your arrows have pierced me, and Your hand has come down on me. Because of Your wrath there is no health in my body; there is no soundness in my bones because of my sin. My guilt has overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear. My wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly. I am bowed down and brought very low; all day long I go about mourning. My back is filled with searing pain; there is no health in my body. I am feeble and utterly crushed; I groan in anguish of heart. All my longings lie open before You, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from You. My heart pounds, my strength fails me; even the light has gone from my eyes. My friends and companions avoid me because of my wounds; my neighbors stay far away. Those who want to kill me set their traps, those who would harm me talk of my ruin; all day long they scheme and lie. I am like the deaf, who cannot hear, like the mute, who cannot speak; I have become like one who does not hear, whose mouth can offer no reply. Lord, I wait for You; You will answer, Lord my God. For I said, “Do not let them gloat or exalt themselves over me when my feet slip.” For I am about to fall, and my pain is ever with me. I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin. Many have become my enemies without cause; those who hate me without reason are numerous.

Those who repay my good with evil lodge accusations against me, though I seek only to do what is good.

Lord do not forsake me; do not be far from me, my God. Come quickly to help me, my Lord and my Savior.