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on my last day on earth

Is anyone of you ever had a near-death experience?

I’d been a victim of robbery-hold-up back when i was young. When the double-edged razor is pressed against my neck, oh, man, i can sense that death is beside me. But i’d overcome with that traumatic experience. I knew God have something in store for me. It’s not yet my time, not with that moment. I don’t wanna die with scar on the neck. 😀

When I am on that situation, everything around me are wrapped-up into shadows. My friends, families, priorities, everyday tasks, cares, worries…name it, everything are faded away. I saw myself focused in a single thought: “What would i say before my God?”

Not to be religious, however, i’d chose to walk in the path of righteousness long time ago. And yet, i knew something more has to be done. Something great, something that will create an impact not with just my life, but with my community as well. People call it self-preservation, but i call it legacy. What if i’d lost my life on that night? How will i fulfill my dreams and goals in life?

That realization struck me. Not because that worked out with someone’s life, it will also work with yours. Everyone has his own timetable on earth, designed by God. Just like a diagram that if you choose YES, then you will go here, and if NO, then you will go here.  Let’s be sharp. Let’s be careful in our choices. I’d rather see my death coming, knowing I’d accomplished what God had appointed on my shoulder, rather than having a regret (but how?) that I’d got tons of “to-do lists” on my head, not knowing that today is my last day on earth. Let’s not be caught by an element of surprise, for we’ll never see it coming. 🙂

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