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Something good is in store for us. Everytime we open our mouth in utterance in the spirit realm, we are being equipped with power from above. At the same time, it’s our battlecry against the forces of darkness.

It’s odd to say that we say we’re in the battle if we did not set our boundaries! We’re getting tired defending our territories against attacks of the enemy. What are we waiting for? We are called to move forward, not stay put and maintain what’s left for us. The mind of a strategist is to conquer, to break down the wall, to tear down strongholds. The good thing about our fight is that we’re just claiming back what is once ours. In recent eras, empires are conquering land that is not theirs, but they conquered because of their power. We are fighting to regain our possession. Let’s advance our boundaries. We may not claim back everything all at once, but we’re patient. We will increase our land!

Let the whole earth sit down, relax and die like the rest of this dying generation. But as for us, we are committed to rise up the standard of holiness, to carry the goodness and mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ. God, in His sovereign mercy, will wipe out tears of frustrations, and tears of awe in His presence will prevail in His household.

There is an expiry date in the works of the enemy in our lives. Jesus said, on the cross, “it is finished.” It’s up to you to believe, or being deceived by devil that it’s still there. Most of the afflictions we are experiencing are self-inflicted. Begin to sit down and think how everything gone wrong, and accept that there’s always a way for a brand-new start. It’s about time to come out clean. We are commissioned by God to preach the gospel, and to dedicate our lives with Him, to walk fasted life. The moment we grumble or complain, then we have a problem. The moment we elevate our own agenda and motives on top of His purposes and plans in which we are gearing up, then conflict will arise.

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.-2 Corinthians 10:5

Some cry out “halt!” Some cry out “retreat!” Some cry out “surrender!” But we cry out “attack!”

A lot of people are trembling with fear seeing they are surrounded by the enemies. They think that everything is crumbling down on them. They feel succumbed by the circumstances. But we are God’s army, and we are supposed to be surrounded! Why? So we can strike in every direction!

Let’s not draw courage on numbers. Strength lies within us. Trust the Holy Spirit that God, who called you on this battle, is able to bring you into victory! We are called to finish what He’d started – and we will finish strong!

-albert2jc / 20th august 2011


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