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Makes Me Wonder

Think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye. –Michael (Peter Pan) #disneywords

Somehow, I am thinking of how many sleepless nights I’d got, how many years of tiring thoughts I’d inhabited inside of me. Then at the end of my story, I am going to die and will leave them behind.

The first time I’d read about the preacher in the bible (ecclesiastes) regarding vanities that’s happening under the sun, I don’t understand much about those. I just nod in agreement, saying “yeah, he have a point..” As I grow older, and being exposed in the complexities and controversies of this life I am walking, I just want to think that when I die, I will not take these worries in my head.

How about sweet memories? Those wonderful moments when I was a child tasting nectar dew, running towards my mom, embracing my dad and bringing his slippers. Such wonderful memories are priceless! How about my family, churchmates, friends, enemies (er!), all those people who contributed their parts in making me who I am now?

I’m going to leave this world behind anyway. Perhaps I don’t have to be worried anymore since worrying is when I am still alive. I guess it won’t work in the afterlife.

 Perhaps, I have to worry first of how to live this life worth leaving? 🙂

Not to be religious, but I knew I have to be good here, so that I will have a nice afterlife experience. No one got scolded by our teachers when we were a child because we share our lunch, right?

I guess I have to enjoy this life, and let these worrying do their tricks on me and I will take time to spend with those I care of. So when the time arrives, I am ready.

-albert2jc / 19th august 2011

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