God Placed Before You an Open Door!

Word of the day:

“To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of Him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept My word and have not denied My name. – Revelation 3:7-8 NIV

Do you believe in a positive thinking? If you do, then you better believe in godly thinking. Sometimes it’s not enough that we are tuned in into positive thinking. Somehow between the lines, there are situations that call us to pause for a while, to forward quickly, and in some cases, to quit. A positive thinker is the one who always see something good for every situation. That’s an excellent attitude, and I admire positive thinker.

But there’s a big difference between positive thinking and godly thinking. In godly thinking, a person weighs a situation according to the word of God. He follows various rules and he knew what grieves a Holy Spirit and what makes Him so excited and glad. In other words, he knew how to touch a Father’s heart. That’s an ingredient that a positive thinker don’t possessed.

Godly people seek God’s approval. They pray, fast, worship, and giving praises to the Almighty. And as they found favor in His sight, God will open up closed doors, and He opened these with a promise: NO ONE can shut. God will open up doors of blessings, prosperity and growth of His people. What more? He will close door of sins, sickness, and death. Let no spirit of destruction be upon His people. God clearly stated that!

And what are the requirements? “…you have kept My word and have not denied My name.” Let’s keep God’s word and stand for His name by walking in the beauty of His holiness.

The key to survive in this dying generation is to live for the glory of God. God bless you.

-albert2jc / 31st  july 2011

Additional Insight:

Sometimes, we want to speed up things to fit our timetable. We ended up unlocking wrong doors! Sometimes, we are tempted to break down the doors. We are impatient to see what is in store for us. Remember that our god has His own timetable. He knew when to open closed doors for us.

Please be reminded that there’s a reason why He’s not opening doors that you want to be opened. He knew your heart. Perhaps, on the other side are temptations that you’re not strong enough to resist. Or maybe your heart isn’t ready yet to receive the blessings He’s in stored for you.

Wait. Be patient. Let your heart grow into obedience. When the right time comes, all you have to do is walk through an open door. Our God is a God of timing – never too soon, yet never too late.


By Albert Soriano

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