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Wrong Thinking Patterns Birth Wrong Behavioral Patterns

in ancient times, people use balms as ointments to relieve them from sickness and pain. This ointmet is so valuable that merchants from different places travel towards a town called Gilead – hence, a balm of Giled was labeled.

Balm means “lord of oils,” perhaps because of its healing factor. If rightly applied, it hasten the healing process of common illness.








We are chosen instruments of God. We ought to rise to our full potential, to the stature God  called us to be. We have a Great Commissioning, which is to share the Good News of Salvation – through words and deeds..

Purity matters. When we are so pure before the Lord, then we can assure that people who seeks for counsel will be relieved. When our vessel is so empty before the Lord and we allow Him to pour out His ways, then we will be a “genuine” chosen instrument of His glory. A lot of people starts so true and passionate before God, and was burnt-out. Why? because they ceased to grow. Along the way, there are some thinking patterns God is dealing with their lives, and they weren’t as effective as before because those thinking patterns block the continuous flow of the holy ghost. Then, eventually, they try hard to convince themselves with assurance that God is still there. Yes, God is still there in some areas of our lives. But that’s not what God desires. He wants to be in ALL areas of our lives. Yes, it will buy some time to overcome..and it’s in God’s perfect timing, not too soon, not too late.

We are the balm of Gilead in this world. We have to be so pure and free from contamination of this world for us to be an effective balm. How can we heal sick people if we ourselves are sick? There’s a big difference about being weak and being sick. His strength are being made perfect through our weaknesses, not through our sickness. As we always declare that we see the mark of defeat in enemy’s forehead, so it’s time to claim God’s victory over ourselves.

God is moving, so we are. If there are some areas we can’t  entrust in God’s hands, then we are “stuck-up,” unable to move. That’s the time we have to yield to God and seek His grace. We have to pray and fast if necessary. It will gonna be alright. We have a great God. The question is: are we willing? in some cases, even we are more than willing, it’s a matter of readiness of the heart.  when you are in God’s hand, fear not. everything that is not of Him shall be taken away from you. Til it is only Him be the all in all of you..

God bless you guys!

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 18th October 2008


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