What Born Again Christians Claim…

Imagine life without Jesus… i just can’t.

He is our all in all.. He created you and me, therefore, who are we to deprive God of His honor? People resort on science as an alternative to God, well, guys, ask them to pray to electric current, could they?? moreover, no gas in this world (be it methane allegedly, or carbon monoxide, i don’t care… “, ) can prove responsible to creation…So to whom could we turn to? the Name is Jesus…He is responsible for your destiny. Your faith is safe in Him..

It’s a nature in a man to be doubtful. oh,yeah,psychologists, it’s rational, sorry…

People justify their doubtful thoughts into rationalism; into weighing evidence; into search-for-the-better-truth attitude. Why, because men, in their so-called rational thinking, tried in vain (and keep on trying) to justify things away from God’s principles. Please remember that if we are not of God, therefore, we’re against Him. There’s no gray area..

Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Try to weigh in [ir]rational thinking spiritual things such as the creation, and you will end up with a lots (and i mean, LOTS) of theories of evolution. Then we put ourselves in unnecessary troubles. Haven’t the theories of evolution introduced, we should still be grateful that the Lord our God created the heavens and the earth! Instead, we’re spending lots of our quality time searching for answers of our own-formulated questions established by science. Why don’t we use our quality time searching the scriptures? besides, in science, a certain claim is considered truth  if, and only if, it stands the test of time. How old the scripture is? you guess, it’s older than all of us living in this generation. Yet, the science keep on denying it. So my message to scientists who keep on opposing divine facts: “Keep your words sweet and tender guys, for you gonna eat ‘em tomorrow!” (“,)

Please remember that our God don’t want to share His glory to anyone! The Creation is His art. Let no one in the face of the earth steal it away from Him! i can’t imagine the wrath of God being deprived of honor in the name of science.. i just can’t imagine…

So the next time you wake up, don’t crawl for your laptop for info. or switch on your microwave oven for the breakfast. Please find time to crawl in the side of your bed, whisper a little prayer, express your gratitude for our God who made you and me and all that existing in this world, for He deserves all our praises..Now you’re ready to conquers the world, in Jesus Name!

Please remember, science deals primarily with your existence, but our God, the Lord Jesus Christ deals with your destiny. You are designed to live, not just to exist…

To God be the glory!

Hey guys, i am not opposed to science, what i hate the most is settling down with an argument of winning science above God..

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 29th June 2008

By Albert Soriano

Feel free to drop PM to or in Twitter @bert_sharie

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