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We are all into battles in every single day of our lives. We are fighting a somewhat struggle that sometimes brings us down, and sometimes lifts us up in victory. We are soldiers in our own rights. Circumstances vary, but the name of the game is still the same. We are fighting a battle won long time ago on the cross. I guess every passionate Christian would agree on me on that, but how come a lot of loopholes still remains? How come there are some areas in our lives that we are bound to be on chain? How come we are living in a cage of fear? The answer won’t be easy, my dear.

We are trained to handle a case-to-case situation (and worse, life-and-death situation). And guess what, we are equipped by the Word of God as an absolute standard. Well, it seems as we stay on that scope, we could defeat the enemy the moment we meet him face to face. But how come we don’t? How come we go back to the Throne as a loser? Because the enemy is not outside. The battle is within us.

As mentioned earlier, we are equipped by God’s Word as our standard. It’s a matter of stand here. Say if we are on the U.S. Navy, we stand for the U.S. of A.;We stand for the home of the brave; we stand for America, whether we are within the camp or on the battlefield.

Ever heard a story about how a soldier is trained? Or had you ever watched those movies that portrays man’s struggles on becoming a solder? Not to exaggerate the fact, but every soldier will tell you that it’s not that easy to be one. It will take determination, strength, bravery, and of course courage to be there. You might as well think that I’m playing an analogy with the spiritual warrior as we supposed to be, right? Of course.. But don’t stop there. We all heard of this argument many times. And let me once again remind you that all truths are parallel. And we could learn a lot from every truth we grasp.

Our warfare is against the principalities and concepts of the world that oppose the Word of God. We are against every imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of the Son of God. That’s our battleneck. Soldier must learn how to control himself, it’s called discipline. We are to be disciplined enough so that our resources (time, talent, treasure) will be applied effectively and not be wasted. We must admit that in this area, a lot of Christians fail. We have to learn how to train our gifts to our full potential. In every training, obedience matters. And within the Lord’s camp, explicit obedience must be observed. Ever been court-martialed? Oh, yeah, in layman’s term, D.A. (disciplinary action). D.A. is a pastor’s strike with love among his sons. We are being disciplined to hear and obey on one voice because in the frontline, there’s only one voice – the captain of the army. In the church, we listen to our pastors, who are our spiritual parents before the Lord. We have to entrust them with our lives because we believe that they are God’s chosen instruments. Well, I guess there’s no problem with that unless you got something personal to that man of God. One query might arise: how can I trust him as God’s chosen instrument? He might as well lead us astray, because he is still a human.. Please be reminded that we live by faith and not by sight. If that man of God lead us astray, he is accountable for his own life and your life as well as his member. Let’s go back to a scripture. If a man lives uprightly before the Lord, what do you fear of? Holiness is the only trait that devil cannot imitate; and God wants us to be a Holy temple before Him. Moreover, spiritual things are spiritually discerned. You have to trust the guy.

Tackling about obedience, we have to realize that during the training, an aspirant soldier is dealing with himself. He’s dealing with his pride, boredom, emotions, strength, endurance, name it. When the commander says run! He runs, no matter what. And take note, in training, delayed obedience is disobedience. Try to be late on mess hall, you will clean up the mess. There, he masters his own fears and limitations, to stand the fierce of the battle ahead. We as Christians ought to live that way. Be patient as God trains you by dealing with major and minor details of you life, so that when you come face to face with the enemy, you will no longer deal with your own fears and limitations, but rather, you strike the enemy with all confidence. Don’t deal with your own fears and limitations in the battlefield, please! You will surely be killed by the stray sphere of the enemy. Prepare yourself in such a way that you can see the marks of defeat and fear in the eyes of the enemy.

Let’s go practical. Typical Christians meet their pastors 3-5 hours on Sunday, right? Then we are settled keeping in touch with each other thru phone or the Internet. That’s why it’s a privilege as a member of the Body of Christ to attend midweek services (bible study, outreaches, crusades, leadership training..) that is being held by your pastors. Trust me, you will surely apply every wisdom you grasp in the near future. Guys, your pastors are concerned on your life. Pay attention to their commands; obey them as they were entrusted by God to minister upon you; listen to them. At the end of the day, they just want to lead you closer to Him; don’t doubt their integrity; have fellowship with them – remember you have 6 days to live on the outside world before coming to church again on Sunday.

Learn in such a way that you will be equipped to fight against the enemy and be His chosen instrument to advance His kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. Fight in such a way that you will win. Victory is ours. Let’s execute His vengeance! Let’s be united as One Body, serving the King of kings and the Lord of lords. After all, it’s all about Jesus.

God bless you more!

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 18th November 2008


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