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Individual/Congregational Testimony


 God is so faithful. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to Him. he’d been faithful to us.

Truly, we might reserved spectacular events in our lives that we’d proven His faithfulness to us. These events inspired us to walk with , and with a desire within us to inspire otehrs, as well.

But God desires to be more than just an inspiration. He wants to walk with you through thick and thin. He wants to lead you. Our God is a God of compassion. He wants the best for you. Yes, we make mistakes, buth taht didn’t stop there. Qw must realize that the more we accept/admit our vulnerability, the more we tent to be relaxed… But our life was not designed by God to live under the pressure of vulnerability. We must not conform to the norms of a society. Yes, as human, we are vulnerable. But we must view our vulnerability in line with what the scripture is saying. Please remember that His strenght are being made perfect through our weaknesses. that’s why we need God to lead us because it’s life that we are talking about here. It’s not a matter of business launching wherein we introduce an action then we wait what will happen next. Life is not a trial-and-error. We must not risk our life by taking an initiative out of our own. We have to let God to lead us.. we have to trust God.

Looking around, i’d observed lives of people around me.. Some gave their lives to their passion like musicians, some in their expertise, like doctors; some in their decidation, say teachers and journalists. but of course, not all have crowns in their heads. some lived their lives, allegedly, with misery. Bu’t i’m not in a position ot judge their lives…But one thing i am sure of:it’s not your status quo that will preserve you and your lineage.. it’s how you live before God..because in the grave, everyone is equal. God will judge everyone hon how he spent his life on earth.

Life can be all that you want it to be today. Just live according to the purpose of God. And we are so blessed that church of God was introduced to us. God desires a Body that was prepared for Him. God don’t want a lone ranger.. it’s wisdom to to live with the church. Why? because Church is simply the Body of Christ… and being a part of a Body, we must take care of it. we must be united as a family before God.

I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior & Lord on Nov. 11, 2000 and was baptized with water on Feb. 19, 2001. Since then, i witnessed how God move mightily in my life. i saw how He ‘clean’ the church; how He pxrunes, how He strike, how He bless, how He prosper, how He changed our lives from glory to glory. At the end of the day, one thing i am convinced of: He had never left us nor forsaken us… ever. So love the church. this love will preserve you.

God desires covenant with His church. And if we confess that our church is His church, then we have to allow Him to reign over us… that’s not a request, but a command with authority from our God.

Now, it;s nice to hear how God move in each other’s life, isn’t it? How much more to hear how He move in our church…hmm..not so popular — but let me give you some points:

  • the setup in our church, we consider that [our church] as spiritual family. Our head pastors are our spiritual parents –and we coined the term“fathering” our to that. There, we watch each other’s lives not as faultfinders but as brother’s keepers.
  • Each member is a representative of a church. That’s why we are so carful in the outside world. People knew as as born-again. They expect much from us. That expectation sometimes makes me smile because in one way or another, they are convinced that we have ’something’ specialand that ’something’ is Jesus. So we are extra careful. We have to preserve o ur lives as we as the testimony of our church.
  • How about sanctification?whooh… By God’s grace and mercy, we stayed in the camp. As we face each other’s battle, one thing i am sure of: stay connected in the house and God will make all things fall in their places. Just allow God to heal the borken hearted and eventually, you will see the beauty of God in His church like never before.

Now, wanna hear another testimony of God’s love towards us? Look not only on a person himself; but to the chruch where he belongs, as well.. God is in the business of uniting His church in this end time..

Guys, if you haven’t know/accepted Jesus Christ in your life, find church where you can grow. As the bible say, test every spirit. Ask God and He wil llead you to the family where you really belong.

Now, to our brothers/sisters who have church, please love your church. There is no specific group or clan or denomination who can love you with God’s love than your church can do. Love your church because God first loved you.

Calling all Christians in the whole world… Let’s prove that we serve and ever-living God! There is joy in serving Jesus! —exceeding joy, actually..

 This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 10th November 2007


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