Many people asked me lot of questions…anything under the sun..Sometimes, I’d managed to answer, sometimes, not. What i am confidently claim is the fact that I tried to answer..I’d made an effort to answer…I am not DUMB! I am not NAIVE!

As i come in a realization that some people search for an answer, i sat down for a moment and started analyzing… in a way, this was termed as philosophyzing…which i firmly opposed.. truly, there’s a lot of answers in a single question, and can you imagine how many questions you have in mind? how about those lingering question at the back of your mind???

The fact that people approach me and talk with me, in a way, consulting me, i’d got confidence that my life is truly an influence…and i will NOT take a risk to be an instrument for one’s destruction. So i find a perfect place to be in.

I’d first thought that i have to be neither bad nor good. bad persons shall be hated and good persons shall be eradicated…(lolzzz!!!).. But that concept was long ago.

I believe that i have to take my place.God is truly a merciful God. why??coz He let me be changed to let other people be changed also..Am i boasting myself?definitely NOT!Let God only be honored. well, i am really honored having people know that there is ONLY one God to be served. JESUS. I’m really excited sharing how HE changed me. if you are wondering that i am just a stupid organism proclaiming God’s Awesome Presence, let me be stupid…for Christ’s Sake…You know, people, i’d been a philosopher for the first few years of my critical mind. AND I’D FOUND OUT THAT THESE PHILOSOPHIES MAKE ME DUMB… it’s not that i blame philosophers for thinking philosophically.I’d just found out that the FEAR of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom..

When someone approach you seeking advice, are you confident enough not to lead him astray?

Be blessed, to be a blessing!


  This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 16th October 2005

By Albert Soriano

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