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Everyday, we face a rat race with each unique blend of matrix that we either accept or deny. it is the reality that marks our part in a history of mankind. a lot of people used to run against it and few manage to flow with it. we are equipped with each concepts and principles we set as standard to cope with; some trust in faith, some in fate. nothing new happens under the sun. we see the rise and fall of kingdoms… we witness victory upon victory, defeat upon defeat. each victory brings glory and fame to a nation, wherein each defeat brings strife and slavery. History dictates that we are doomed to suffer from mistakes of our forefathers. moreover, we sometimes fails to learn from their mistakes, we tend to commit the same mistakes again, hoping that we will be spared this time…seldom were…in the end, it is neither the rise nor the fall that counts…it’s how we live on earth..if we’d been victorious, had we boast it upon ourselves? or brings glory on His throne? if we’d been defeated, do we simply surrendered? or did we fight until the end? when everything is silent, everything is still, when it’s between you and Jesus, may we find courage to stand before Him and feel His embrace as He welcomes us in His Throne…

“no flesh and blood can enter the Kingdom of God..”

This blog entry was originally posted on my friendster blogsite dated 16th October 2008

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