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this i promise you…

i knew darating din tayo sa panahon na finally we can express our love to one another to the fullest. i am waiting patiently (word for 2day ‘patient’ ) for that special day. and til we see each other again…for now, eto muna, i just want you to know how thankful i am having you in my life. i love you so much, much more..ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng ganito…and you know that…and it’s sweet to know na ako lang ang minahal mo ng ganito..and i am thankful for all the love and trust you gave to me. and this is a promise of a lifetime, that i will love you more and more each day. i don’t care if it may be a good time, it may be a bad time. but each and every day, i will love you even more. i am your most avid fan, your most persistent stalker, your sweetest lover, your one great true love of your life. i am happy to love you more and more…thank you for loving me. thank you for waiting patiently for me. thank you for staying late at night waiting for me to come home. thank you mahal ko..i just want to thank you..i keep praying that our God, Jesus, will continue to shower us with His love as we walk down together in this road we chose to take, road closer and closer to God, deeper and deeper in love with Him, and may His faithful compassion be with us. Let’s share His love. Ganun naman talaga,db?ang love sine-share..pero yung special love na para sa iyo ay para sa iyo lang..that’s my promise to you..at yung special love na para sa akin, akin lang ha? (possessive..hehe) ah,basta, i love you so much..i am the best man you ever knew..nde yung bestman sa kasal ha..hehe…i am the best for you, because you are the best for me..God chose us together to live and love each other, to spend the rest of our lives expressing the love, such love, to one another. The love that kept hidden for so long, suppressed by the distance with each other. The love that dared to challenge our limitations, our preferences, our point of views…that love that humbled us together as we apologize for all the hurts we had caused to one another each time we have frictions..that love that filled our hearts with gladness…that love that drawn us nearer to God..that love, is the love we share for the rest of our lives…i love you..i always love you..

(o d ba, pang-vow na?hehe…mahal na mahal kita..)

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2 thoughts on “this i promise you…

  1. Ang sweet naman ni kuya Berto! grabe nakakaiyak naman ito :’) God bless you po. 🙂


    Posted by Imay | July 11, 2011, 8:20 am
  2. thanks imay.. God bless you too.. *wink


    Posted by albertsoriano2jc | July 11, 2011, 6:11 pm

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