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OH! Lost? Not again!!

Have you been in a situation wherein you just forgot your password in one or more of your accounts (e-mail, debit cards, office log-in accounts) and you have to search your entire drafts – stick notes, journals, phone notes, or computer files, in a desperate attempt to retrieve it? I’d been  there over and over again. Yet, i’d never learned my lesson well.

Sometimes, the consequence of losing important credentials like that is an effort to request for new PIN (personal identification number) or password thru the internet. However, in my case, i have my debit card ‘eaten’ by a ruthless ATM because i’d punched incorrect PIN three times. So i have to call the bank to request for new debit card. I have o take my salary thru our accounts department and wait for two weeks for my new card to arrive. That’s because i am not organized and for my paranoia that my password will be compromised.

I am a bit wise now. I have my masterlist. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “OH! Lost? Not again!!

  1. Yes! I have experienced that too. PEro sa akin mga passwords and usernames ko sa mga websites kung san nag-aaply ako ng mga importanct spplications for school. Nakakainis talaga pag nawawala yung password mo! hahaha.. Anyway, yah, the best thing you can do is to keep a little notebook where you can put all your account information. Pero syempre, make sure na that notebook is kept in a secured place rin! (kasi baka mawala rin! haha mahirap nang ma-fraud :D)


    1. 🙂
      happy to know na hindi ako nag-iisa..(“,)Let’s just be extra careful sometimes.

      I want to suggest to share your passwords to someone that you knew won’t do you harm, but it takes trust, nevertheless, nde naman komo hindi mo ipagkakatiwala passwords mo ay hindi mo na sya pinagkakatiwalaan.. (“,)

      Thanks for reading imay…happy wordpressing!


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