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Such Love

We are very willing to get hurt in loving,

as we keep on believing,

that somehow love will do the healing

because it’s worth keeping.


It’s so ironic that we drew strength from one another,

yet somehow we feel we don’t have to bother,

it’s true that it’s easier said than done,

but at the end of the day, we say: “you are the one.”


We live and love for specific reasons,

over and over again with the same person,

each sacrifices and long-sufferings we’ll endure,

waiting patiently for fulfillment of our love so pure.

Every laughter’s worth our tears,

every breakthrough’s worth our fears,

we might ended up hurting each other,

but hey, the good thing is, we’re still together.


I love you so much with all of my heart,

i miss you so much right from the start,

i knew you feel as much as i do,

Oh, Janhilly, i love you so!


– albert2jc / 31st march 2011


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