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Sitting for a while. I knew I have something to ponder of. Something that I had learned recently.

What is man’s life? This question shaped man’s quest for fame, feats, success, and accomplishments far beyond ordinary man can attain. People through ages compete with each other. What for? Comfort of life? Acceptance of someone’s belief? Freedom of choice? Sense of belongingness? Or even just to distinguish from the norms of the rest of the society?

It’s sweet and fascinating achieving a certain goal of a lifetime. Did I just said “lifetime”? (smile). That’s the downside of it. What if you reach the end of the line? When you come to face God, what will you say? Will you be so proud of your accomplishments and your quests of a lifetime? Did it crossed your mind the realization that everything you had invested in this world will not be relevant with you when you are standing in front of your Creator? Surely, your descendants will inherit all your riches you’d been laboring for years. But when they finally rest in peace, they will be in a situation your are into. Material riches are supposed to benefit us when we are still alive. However, we have to think in ahead.

I don’t know what faith you are believing. But I’m pretty sure, you are also wondering what’s lies ahead in the afterlife.

We have to live a life worthy of God’s praises. If you are leading a life pleasing to Him, you won’t have to worry about the afterlife. Jesus said that He will not leave us nor forsake us. I’d proven His love over and over again. I sometimes walk away, and when I decided to come back in His presence, all I have to do is to step back, because He’s just here, on my back. He’s my Redeemer and Saviour.

As we live this temporal life, let’s spend each moment with fear of God and compassion to the people around us. We never know when our clock will stop for good. Invest your riches in helping the needy. Show compassion. Share your smile. Speak out courageously. Encourage someone with a lowly spirit. Grieve with the broken souls. Celebrate with the joyful people. Seek love, find love, spread love. Always remember that by our own measurement, we will be measured. Make sure that when God measure you, you will be found faithful, because you measured your life by your faith. We walk by faith and not by sight!!! God bless you!

-albert2jc / 4th april 2011

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