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i love you.

i always be loving you.

wish upon a star

a glimpse of light in the cold, dark night, so quick, yet so bright in its flight, before we can speak and utter a word, it’s gone, so keep your wish untold. cold…dark… windy… lonely little heart…spending a night in grief… as the morning rise tomorrow, may i not see the darkness of the night… … Continue reading


i must had enough for this day. i could hardly survive these challenging days. sometimes i have to be silent to keep the thoughts within me. i knew i am supposed to live a happy life. where’s that now? docking elsewhere? then my portion must be loneliness? if i am going to live this way … Continue reading

tomorrow, i will be better.

if only i can get rid of all my struggles tonight.


The gate is wide The road is paved in moderation The crowd is kind and quick to pull you in Welcome to the middle ground You’re safe and sound and Until now it’s where I’ve been ‘Cause it’s been fear that ties me down to everything But it’s been love, Your love, that cuts the … Continue reading

Corny pinoy action movies quotes..

ba’t wala na akong magawa kundi maghanap ng mali ng pinoy movies sa halip na tangkilikin ito? actually tinatangkilik ko naman, natatawa lang ako talaga minsan. Below are some of these: “The Alfredo Lim Story” Reporter: Mga kaibigan, dumating na po ang SWAT team! Special Weapons Action Team! (ehehehe…) Mark Lapid’s saging: “Oo, inaamin ko, … Continue reading


Sitting for a while. I knew I have something to ponder of. Something that I had learned recently. What is man’s life? This question shaped man’s quest for fame, feats, success, and accomplishments far beyond ordinary man can attain. People through ages compete with each other. What for? Comfort of life? Acceptance of someone’s belief? … Continue reading

not all cakes last a lifetime.

so we better take our slice as much as we can. because we can never tell when the supply will last. – albert2jc / 02 april 2011

“what if tomorrow we woke up and the war is over? is it worth fighting for? is it worth dying for?” – Morpheus (The Matrix) 02 april 2011