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Today, I promise…

… to sing a song of praise to Jesus more often (although considering the surroundings, i don’t want people to get mad of my “husky” voice. *smile)

… to be more active in prayers and intercessions.

… to be more eager in my workplace (God entrusted me my work, and i will be faithful and work at my best).

… to be more patient, punctual, and super-fast.

… to beat my own records of holiness and righteousness (can somebody says “amen” to that?)

… to be updated on current events (Libya is my neighboring country as of my current location: Qatar).

… to be more approachable, be a person fun to be with, and to understand everyone (yes, including my superiors *smile) around me.

… to love janhilly more and more.

… to keep my feet on the ground while soaring high (is it possible? to God, that’s all we got to be: rising up in maturity while keeping humble)

… to smile with everyone (again, including my superiors) understanding that if me who have grown in love with the Lord is still got some dealings to do, how about ’em? I have to understand that we all have battles struggling with.

… to wear sunglasses today.

… to apply more lotion on my skin, since it’s summer here in the desert.

… to keep in touch with my loved ones in a regular basis.

… to shut down my computer now. I might be late, might fail to keep one of my promises: “to be punctual and work to the fullest.”

God bless you! Jesus loves you.

-albert2jc / 22nd march 2011


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